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by Downunder Horsemanship

Clinton’s Guarantee

Shopping for a new horse often turns into a dreaded process that leaves buyers trying to stay one step ahead of dishonest sellers. And when you do finally settle on a horse and get him home, you’d better hope he was everything you wanted, because that seller who was Johnny on the Spot to answer your phone calls when trying to sell you the horse has likely disconnected his number. As a clinician, Clinton has heard thousands of horse-buying tales gone wrong, and many of those cases show up at clinics or as demo horses at tours. His experience and the frustration he was seeing people go through led him to create Signature Horses, a program in which he sells horses trained with the Method to the public.

The horses are trained through the Fundamentals and taught Intermediate and Advanced level exercises and ridden extensively on the trail. When the horses’ training is complete, Clinton pays careful attention to who he matches the horses with. While all of the Signature Horses are talented and good-minded horses, each horse is an individual with their own personality and strengths. “The key to enjoying your horse and forming a partnership with him is to find a horse that matches your needs and wants as a horseman,” Clinton says. “The same is true for a horse. A horse that loves to lope on the trail isn’t going to be happy walking circles in an arena and vice versa.”

Once he’s found the perfect owner for a horse, Clinton offers the new owner a 30-day, money-back guarantee on the horse. “If they get the horse home and are unhappy with him for any reason, I’m happy to take the horse back and refund them their money,” Clinton says. “This program is all about helping people find the right horse for them.”

Clinton’s personal guarantee also includes lifetime support from Downunder Horsemanship any time owners have questions or concerns about their horses.

A limited number of Signature Horses are available per year. Learn more about the horses and how Clinton can help you take the stress and headache out of finding your new equine partner on our website.