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by Downunder Horsemanship

Have the Fundamentals Perfected?

Do you crave one-on-one help to learn the Intermediate level exercises but worry that your horse isn’t good enough at the Fundamentals to move on to the second step of the Method? For this year’s Intermediate Clinic being held at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Stephenville, Texas, November 10th – 20th, Clinton is leasing his personal horses to participants.

The Intermediate Clinic covers 16 groundwork exercises and 17 riding exercises, including Sidepassing, Bridle Bending, Rollbacks, Shoulder In/Shoulder Out, Leads, and Draw to a Walk. The clinic is taught by Clinton’s clinicians, and they will work with participants in the arena, on the trail and over the obstacle course to test and challenge participants’ horsemanship skills. If you’re looking to take the respect and trust you developed with your horse in the Fundamentals Series to a new level of performance, this is the clinic for you!

Leasing one of Clinton’s horses is beneficial if:

  1. You want to learn or fine-tune the Intermediate level exercises that focus more on suppling and softening the horse’s five body parts, but know that your horse isn’t good enough at the Fundamentals to be accepted into the clinic.
  2. You want to learn the Intermediate exercises on a well-trained horse that will help you learn the correct way. Instead of struggling with both your and your horse’s learning curve as you try to figure out the second level of the Method, Clinton’s horses know the Intermediate exercises by heart and will help you learn, ensuring you make more progress during the clinic.
  3. You want to know what it feels like to ride a well-trained athlete. The responsiveness, softness and willingness of Clinton’s horses will better your feel and timing and allow you to focus on developing your skills as a horseman.

Learn more about the Intermediate Clinic, including application requirements, on our website.