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by Downunder Horsemanship

Training Tip: Don’t Get Blinded by Color

Color has absolutely no effect on how suitable a horse is for you. Color won’t save you from getting bucked off. It doesn’t stop the horse from rearing and bolting. It won’t help you go down the trail safer or help you cross water better.

The only thing color does is blind you. It hides all the horse’s faults and makes you forget about your needs and wants. Buying a horse based solely on color will get you into trouble every single time.

Color is the very last thing I look at in a horse. And to be perfectly honest, I’d take a well-broke, safe, respectful, willing flea-bitten nag with an ugly head over a sorry-minded, heartless, poorly trained gorgeous buckskin with a flowing mane and tail. I put no worth whatsoever in color. The right horse is the right color. Never forget that.