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by Downunder Horsemanship

Meet Method Ambassador Adir Keinan

When Method Ambassador Adir Keinan was 12, his father sent him off to a friend’s ranch during a school holiday. “He told his friend to use me as best as he could, so I was put to work cleaning horse stalls and helping around the property,” Adir says.

It was the first time Adir was around horses, and the experience ignited a lifelong passion for horses and learning horsemanship in him. Within two years, he was taking riding lessons and his quest for adding to his horsemanship knowledge continued to grow. “I took lessons from many different instructors. Some were good and some were bad, but you learn something from every experience. The moment I discovered the Method, though, it opened my eyes up to what horsemanship could truly be,” he says.

He chanced upon the Method while on a trip to Australia 15 years ago. “I met a gentleman who knew of Clinton and he introduced me to Clinton’s training approach. Of course, it wasn’t the Method back then, but I went home and researched Clinton and bought as many of his DVDs as I could,” Adir says.

After studying the information, Adir used it to train every horse that he had a chance to. “The Method works. It’s that simple. Clinton has laid everything out step-by-step so that you get results,” he says.

After years of using the Method to train a variety of horses, the next logical step for Adir was to enroll in the Academy. “If I wanted to continue to improve my horsemanship, I knew I needed to get one-on-one help from Clinton and go straight to the source. There’s only so much improvement you can do on your own,” he says.

As a Method Ambassador, Adir is committed to sharing the Method with as many horsemen as he can. “With the Method, you can accomplish in six weeks what it takes most people six months to do. More people need to know about the Method because it keeps you and your horse safe and it helps you create a true partnership with your horse,” Adir says.

Adir is based in Israel, where he trains horses for the public and teaches private lessons and clinics that focus on the Fundamentals level of the Method. Learn all about Adir on his website contact him directly at 972-525-912292 or [email protected].