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by Downunder Horsemanship

Your FREE Horse Problem-Solving Resource

Clinton’s put together a new free resource that’s all about solving common problems with horses around the barn, in the arena and on the trail.

Currently, there are 38 videos in the series that address the following horse problems:

  • Mouthy Behavior
  • Pawing While Tied Up
  • Pawing at Feeding Time
  • Handling Your Horse in the Pasture
  • Handling Your Horse in the Stall
  • Pinny-Eared Horses in the Stall
  • Behavioral Problems in the Stall
  • Cross-Tie Problems
  • Barn-Sour Horses
  • Buddy-Sour Horses
  • Confronting Spooky Objects on the Trail
  • Riding in a Group
  • Riding Through Mud
  • Bolting
  • Jigging
  • Barn-Sour Horses on the Trail
  • Spooking Under Saddle
  • Buddy-Sour Horses on the Trail
  • Dangerous Behavior While Riding Other Horses
  • Horses That Break Into Unpredictable Bucking Fits
  • Unrideable Horses
  • Cinchy Horses
  • Horses That Buck Because They Don’t Want to Move Forward
  • Bucking
  • Won’t Stand Still for Mounting
  • Deaf Horses
  • Blind Horses
  • Head-Shy Horses
  • Overcoming Fear of Plastic Bags and Tarps
  • Panicky, Fearful Horses
  • Rushing Out of the Trailer
  • Spooky, Reactive Horses on the Ground
  • Out-of-Control Young Horses
  • Building Trust With Traumatized Horses
  • Leg-Handling Issues
  • Horses That Charge People
  • Aggressive Horses
  • Biting

All 38 videos are available to everyone on the Downunder Horsemanship app (a free download).

To view the series, download the app from the App Store or Google Play and then click on the “Problem Solving” category. You can also view the videos by adding the Downunder Horsemanship channel to your AppleTV, Roku, Android TV and Amazon Fire. Learn how to add the Downunder Horsemanship channel here.