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by Downunder Horsemanship

ABI Stable Stories – Barn Cleaner Confessions


After surviving the polar vortex with horses bundled up in their stalls, I felt the need to share with my furry, four-legged friends just how much work I put in to make sure they feel well loved. Let’s just say I was met with puzzled looks that there weren’t more treats involved. Enjoy!

Attention Four-Legged Manure Machines:

Every morning, I’m reminded why I love being an equestrian when I’m greeted with your sweet knickers and bright eyes.

But, that moment instantly dissipates as I gaze upon the disaster that is your stall. I now know how a hotel housekeeper must feel after a night of Keith Richards’ post-concert debauchery! Living in a stall is a privilege that can easily be revoked. These are my grievances. You know who you are:

To My Texas Tornado:
I understand that being in a 10×10 stall all night isn’t your idea of a luxury suite, but stirring it up like a Vitamix blender doesn’t help anyone. You insist on making perfectly-mixed smoothies out of every bit of bedding, hay and manure you can put your hooves on. Then, you proceed to lie in the middle of it, turning your coat into a stinky shade of yellow instead of your beautiful dapple grey.

To My Hay Burner:
The fact that you enjoy the alfalfa is wonderful, but do you really have to discard the grass portion to the corner of your stall before pooping on it? It is perfectly good hay! Asking for more during my night check just because you are still hungry is not helping your cause, Mr. Picky. Let’s try to eat all the contents of your hay and quit being a diva.

To My Bucket Champ:
While your stall is the cleanest of them all (with only a wet spot in the middle), the presents inside your water bucket and feeder, I do not enjoy. Your uncanny ability to aim into these small spaces is quite impressive, but it is more than I want to deal with every bleary-eyed morning. This is a great trick, but please make it happen in a corner. Not in the bucket.

The only part about cleaning your stalls that I truly enjoy is using my ABI Manure Spreader. While you are outside enjoying the lush grass, I am taking care of the disasters that you call home. Not too long ago, you didn’t have impeccable pastures because our last spreader couldn’t shred all of your bedding and hay. I also trust that you’ve noticed the reduction in flies and gnats pestering you.

I hope you appreciate all the care I put in to making your home comfortable and healthy. Without my ABI Manure Spreader, so little of it would be possible!

All the love I can muster,
Your Human


Learn more about ABI and our manure spreaders on our website.