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by Downunder Horsemanship

Start of Summer Sale Sneak Peek

With the official start of summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to challenge your horsemanship and teach your horse new skills! Next week, we’re offering incredible deals on HandsOn Gloves and two training bundles.


Trick Training Essentials

$94.99 NWC members or $124.99 non-members

The Trick Training Essentials package includes tools you’ll need to train your horse to do the tricks Clinton teaches in the Trick Training Kit. The package includes:

  • Trick Stick — this stick offers the perfect length (39 inches) and construction to cue your horse and be effective without worrying him.
  • Trick Reins — these 8-foot loop reins are designed to easily cue your horse. If your reins are too long, it will be difficult to clearly communicate with your horse.
  • Hobble Cuff — an essential tool when teaching your horse to lie down. You’ll attach the leather hobble cuff to your lead rope.


Hobbling Bundle

$103.99 NWC members or $139.99 non-members

Prepare your horse for trick training by teaching him how to be confident about having his legs handled and restrained. Hobble training is a must before trick training because it teaches a horse to stay calm and relaxed while his legs are handled, picked up and restricted by your hands and other tools.

In the Hobbling and Leg Restraints series, Clinton explains the theory behind the use of hobbles and the benefits of teaching a horse to calmly accept leg restraints. Topics covered in the series include how to properly introduce and use one-legged hobbles, rope hobbles and sidelines.

The Hobbling Bundle includes all of the hobbles you’ll need to successfully teach your horse to hobble. The bundle comes with:

  • One-Legged Hobbles — made of quality leather, these one-legged hobbles have great flexibility and durability.
  • Rope Hobbles — our rope hobbles are made of soft, pliable rope for a comfortable fit and feature rawhide ends for durability.
  • Sidelines — made of high-quality yachting rope, the sideline hobbles are great for on-the-go trail riders.


HandsOn Gloves

$19.99 NWC members or $24.99 non-members

Ever since we discovered these versatile grooming gloves, they’ve become a favorite and must-have for us and our horses!


The sale items will be posted and the sale will begin at 8 a.m. CST on Monday, June 17th and run through Sunday, June 23rd on the Downunder Horsemanship e-store.