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by Downunder Horsemanship

Trick Training: Not Just for the Circus

Consistency in a training program is key to getting an all-around safe, dependable equine partner. Clinton often tells people: “Consistency is your greatest alley, and inconsistency is your greatest enemy.” While that tried-and-true formula is essential to a well-broke horse, it’s equally important to include variety. “Variety keeps training sessions fresh and interesting for your horse, which in turn keeps him happy and looking forward to training,” Clinton says.

“I introduced tricks to my finished horses as a way to add variety to training sessions. The result was incredible – my horses were happier and enjoyed their jobs more,” he says.

Every horse is capable of learning tricks – no matter his age, breed or athletic ability. That’s unlike many equine activities where the horse must possess some amount of natural talent or ability for the discipline. “Anytime you can have fun with your horse, strengthen your partnership and challenge yourself, it’s a good thing,” Clinton says.

Clinton explains the process of preparing your horse for trick training and teaching him specific maneuvers in the Trick Training Series. You’ll learn how to take your horsemanship beyond groundwork and riding exercises into a whole new arena of excitement. Learn more about the digital training kit on our website.