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by Downunder Horsemanship

Find It on the No Worries Club: Horse Health

If your horse isn’t healthy, he won’t be able to perform at his best – no matter how great your training method is. That’s why Clinton takes his horses’ health seriously. In the March 2013 No Worries Club video, he assembled a team of professionals to address a variety of health-related topics to help you keep your horse healthy and feeling his best.

The first session covers de-worming – how to properly administer de-wormer. Working with a horse that throws his head in the air and backs up to avoid being dewormed, Clinton demonstrates how to teach a horse to willingly accept de-wormer.

The second session is all about equine nutrition and debunking popular misconceptions that surround feeding horses.

Lastly, Clinton discuses vaccinations with his veterinarian Dr. Reese Hand. Working with a reactive horse that won’t stand still for vaccinations, Clinton demonstrates how to get a horse to use the thinking side of his brain and desensitize him to vaccinations.

Watch the training video now by logging on to the No Worries Club website or the Downunder Horsemanship app. Using the Downunder Horsemanship app, you may view the content on your computer, mobile devices and your TV using AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire or Android TV. Learn how to stream the content on your TV here.

A No Worries Club membership gives you access to hundreds of hours of training video content available to members only. This exclusive content includes full-length TV shows, Q&A’s with Clinton that cover a variety of training topics, a Testing the Method series that focuses on the Fundamentals and Intermediate levels of the Method, and past No Worries Club videos. Learn more about the benefits of being a No Worries Club member on our website or call us at 888-287-7432.