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by Downunder Horsemanship

Horses Trailer Loading Like Old Veterans

By Nora Wolfe

I am higher than a kite tonight as I reflect back on my two days with [Method] Ambassador Tracy Reed. I came to her with a significant trailering problem for my two Quarter Horses. With fire season and evacuations just coming into season, I was terrified for my horses that I would never get them on the trailer in time. I met Tracy at the Oregon tour stop and felt she and I would be able to fix this issue together.

She just left my house a few hours ago, and now I am sitting here with a glass of wine chilling out as I reflect on my amazing experience with Tracy. Not only do both of my horses load like old veterans, but they unload like old veterans, too. The fix was all about me and the cues I give them.

Please share this email with Clinton, I want him to know Tracy is a first class Ambassador and I am hooked on her. I love Clinton for his program, and I love Clinton for his ability to pick the best people to pass on the Method to people like me.

Have a success story with the Method? Share it with us by emailing [email protected].