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by Downunder Horsemanship

Premium Access to Clinton’s Horse Training Library

When it comes to ensuring horsemen have the right knowledge to work safely with their horses and achieve their goals, Clinton never stops thinking of ways to make the Method available. When we introduced the premium No Worries membership last fall, we knew it was going to be a hit. How can you go wrong with receiving all of the benefits of being a club member plus access to Clinton’s entire training library, including all of the training kits?!

Here is what a few No Worries Club members have to say about premium membership:

Worth every penny. Love all the material. – Dawn Johnston

Best $40 a month you will spend! – Katie Kelly

You have access to ALL of the videos including all of the training kits (Arena Mates are included) and all of the No Worries Club content. You won’t regret it! – Kari_Gringo

It’s the best money I ever spent! I was having trouble with my horse understanding what I was asking. I knew I was the problem, so I pulled out my phone and watched Clinton do the exercise on the Downunder Horsemanship app. Problem solved! – Melanie Gifford

Worth every penny. Some people binge watch Netflix, I binge watch Clinton Anderson. – Emily Dutton

I had four kits in hard copy and it was tough to get them watched. With the digital, I just open it up and watch what I want. I’ve watched tons more hours of training than when I only had hard copy versions of the kits. Plus, I am finally utilizing the Arena Mates, which have lots of extra training you don’t get in the videos. You really need to use them together. – Rebecca Wilson

I had no idea I would enjoy the premium membership like I do! I have most of the DVD kits but being able to watch them on a tablet or phone is easier and more convenient. I can switch between videos, pause and resume so easy. – Tarrence Schmidt

During the month of July, Clinton’s giving horsemen who sign up as new premium No Worries Club members or upgrade their membership to premium a Downunder Horsemanship halter of their choice! Learn all about the perks of being a premium member and the special offer on the Downunder Horsemanship website.