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by Downunder Horsemanship

And Then There Were 25

We’re down to just 25 Fundamentals Kits left in our warehouse! Clinton first released the training kit to the public in 2010, and when doing so, he revolutionized at-home study of horsemanship. Now, he’s setting the bar even higher with the digital Fundamentals Series. Like the Fundamentals Kit, the digital Fundamentals Series includes over 28 hours of video footage, Arena Mate lessons to go along with each video lesson and a 100-page philosophy book, but it also includes features such as:

On-the-go access
Download the Downunder Horsemanship app on your personal device and have access to the Fundamentals videos, Arena Mates and philosophy book wherever you go. Whether you’re at the barn, during your lunch break, in line at the bank … you’ll have access to Clinton and the Method! An iOS and Android version of the app are available. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app now.

View from your computer
Log in to your account from the Downunder Horsemanship website to interact with the Fundamentals videos, Arena Mates and philosophy book from your computer.

Download and save your data
Download the video lessons and Arena Mates while you’re hooked up to Wi-Fi, and then, when you get to the barn, you’ll be able to check in with Clinton without eating up your data or worrying about a Wi-Fi connection.

Find information faster
Every video lesson is broken down into chapters that make it easy to quickly find the step-by-step instruction you’re looking for from Clinton. And each Arena Mate and the philosophy book comes with a linked table of contents, ensuring you can quickly get to the lessons and troubleshooting tips you want to see most.

Take notes
Experience an ah-ha moment while watching a video or reading an Arena Mate? Write it down! The “notes” feature of the digital Fundamentals Series makes it simple to keep track of important points and easy to refer back to them.

Moving forward, the first level of the Method will be available in a digital format only. No Worries Club members may purchase the digital Fundamentals Series for $399.99 and non-members can buy the series for $599.99. Learn more about the digital Fundamentals Series and view a sample video lesson and Arena Mate on our website.