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Clinton Anderson

Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship - General
July 31, 2012

Looking Forward to the Stars in Service Classic

When Clinton was invited to attend the second annual Stars in Service Classic that benefits the Joe Foss Institute, he was honored to be considered and is excited to support a cause he believes in. The JFI is a nonprofit organization that focuses on educating youth nationwide about American history and civics through its materials, […]

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Clinton Anderson
July 3, 2012

Clinton’s July

In the second week of the month, Clinton will join the management team for their quarterly offsite meeting where they’ll discuss upcoming projects and goals for Downunder Horsemanship as well as the overall health of the company.

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Clinton Anderson
June 12, 2012

Colt Starting with the Method

Clinton’s first colt starting clinic at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch was held at the beginning of June. Over 30 participants brought their young horses to the ranch to start under saddle. The horses ranged from Quarter Horses and Paints to Arabians and Warmbloods. Clinton started by having each of the participants work with their colts […]

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Clinton Anderson
June 5, 2012

Clinton’s June

Clinton jumps into June by teaching his first colt starting clinic in five years. Thirty-one participants will spend 10 days on the ranch learning Clinton’s technique to safely start young horses under saddle and will be riding the colts outside the arena by the end of the clinic. After the colt starting clinic wraps up, […]

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Clinton Anderson
May 29, 2012

Clinton’s Horse 360 Challenge

Frustration begins where knowledge ends. That’s a statement I often find myself repeating at clinics and tours when teaching horse owners how to safely and effectively work with their equine partners. The more knowledgeable you are about your horse and understand basic horse psychology, the less chance you have of experiencing frustration. But being a […]

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Clinton Anderson
May 1, 2012

Clinton’s May

This month Clinton will be focused on teaching clinics, wrapping up the 10-day Fundamentals that started in April and hosting his first ever Confidence Clinic. Amid welcoming clinic participants and helping them establish a better partnership with their horses, Clinton will train his personal horses and instruct Academy students, helping them round out their last […]

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Clinton Anderson
April 24, 2012

Catch Clinton on MyHorseDaily’s Free Webinar

If you have a horse training question for Clinton or just want to hear some great horsemanship advice, be sure to watch MyHorseDaily’s website at They will soon post a webinar that took place yesterday evening. During the hour-long on line discussion, Clinton answered selected questions viewers sent in to the webinar’s host and […]

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Clinton Anderson
April 17, 2012

Free Webinar with Clinton – Get Your Questions Answered!

Mark your calendars! MyHorseBooks, the online book club of MyHorseDaily, is hosting a FREE webinar with Clinton on Monday, April 23rd, 9-10 PM EDT. The hour-long interactive, online discussion will be moderated by MyHorseDaily Managing Editor Amy Herdy.

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Clinton Anderson
April 10, 2012

Clinton’s April

This week Clinton celebrated the “go-live” of Downunder Horsemanship’s newest software with the rest of the company. The software update has been a multi-year project that began with researching options complete through the installation and training, and promises to boost our customer service. In the middle of the month, the road staff will come to […]

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Clinton Anderson
April 10, 2012

Read Clinton in Western Shooting Horse

Starting with the April/May issue, Clinton is sharing his horsemanship knowledge in Western Shooting Horse, a national publication dedicated to mounted shooting competitors and enthusiasts alike. In each issue, Clinton will be addressing horse problems that relate to the mounted shooter in and out of the arena. In his first column, he discusses how to […]

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