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No Worries Club

No Worries Club
February 16, 2021

Get Rewarded When You Refer Your Friends

When you meet a horse owner who is struggling with their horsemanship and looking for help, we know that you’re quick to share the success you’ve had with the Method. More times than not, your conversation leads to encouraging the other horseman to join the No Worries Club. Clinton recognizes the effort you make to […]

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No Worries Club
February 2, 2021

NWC Exclusive: Trailer Loading a Fearful Horse in an Emergency Situation

At some point in your horsemanship journey, you’re going to be faced with getting a horse loaded on a trailer in an emergency situation. It could be anything from your horse having injured himself in the pasture and you need to get him to the vet immediately to being involved in a traffic wreck and […]

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Downunder Horsemanship - General No Worries Club
January 19, 2021

Looking for a Method Meet-Up Group to Star in an Upcoming Video

On our list of potential topics to spotlight in upcoming No Worries Club digital downloads is Clinton working with a Method meet-up group to help horsemen overcome issues they’re having with their horsemanship. Clinton’s visited with several groups in the past, coaching riders in a group setting as well as working with members one-on-one. The […]

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No Worries Club
January 5, 2021

Winter Journal Available for Members

The winter edition of the No Worries Journal is out for club members to enjoy. The first issue of 2021 features our newest Method Ambassadors and is full of training tips to help you excel with the Method. Among the training articles, you’ll find help for head-shy horses, learn how to improve your horse’s lead […]

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No Worries Club
December 22, 2020

Earn Double the Rewards When Your Friends Join the NWC

Now through the end of December, when you refer a friend to join the No Worries Club, you’ll earn a $60 coupon to the Downunder Horsemanship e-store. We’re doubling your reward throughout the entire month! Instead of earning a $30 coupon to the Downunder Horsemanship e-store, you’ll earn a $60 coupon for every friend you […]

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No Worries Club
December 15, 2020

No Worries Club Member Calendars

Clinton’s annual inspirational calendar is on its way to No Worries Club members as a thank-you for their loyalty. Packed full of motivational quotes and short training tips, the gift serves as daily inspiration to reach horsemanship goals. The calendars mailed out from our printers on Thursday, December 10th and will begin being delivered to […]

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No Worries Club
December 1, 2020

NWC Exclusive: December Digital Download

This month’s No Worries Club video is the final installment of the Academy Horse Training Diary series. You’ve followed along as Clinton has explained why the program was created, how horses were selected for the program, and every detail of the daily training diary. Part three of the series picks up on training day 21. […]

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No Worries Club
December 1, 2020

Refer a Friend to the NWC and Earn Double the Rewards

We’re in the spirit of giving and love the passion you have for the Method, so throughout the entire month of December, when members refer their friends to join the No Worries Club, we’re doubling their reward! Instead of earning a $30 coupon to the Downunder Horsemanship e-store, members will earn a $60 coupon for […]

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No Worries Club
November 3, 2020

Academy Horse Training Diary, Part Two

The November No Worries Club digital download continues to feature the Academy Horse Program, taking members on a never-before-seen detailed look at the popular training plan. When it comes to training horses, you’ve heard Clinton say time and again that consistency is your greatest ally. You’ll see how true those words are in part two […]

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No Worries Club
October 27, 2020

Entries Close Monday for the No Worries Club Costume Contests

No Worries Club members have until Monday, November 2nd to get their entries posted in our costume contest. This year, members have the option of entering two costume contests – one for their horses and one for their dogs. How the Contest Will Work: 1) To enter the contest, post your original photo in the […]

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