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Training Tips

Training Tips
April 19, 2022

Training Tip: An Important Exercise to Prepare Your Horse for His First Ride

When it comes to getting a colt quiet and prepared to feel a rider on his back, there’s no better technique than the Jeffrey’s Method. You start by rubbing the colt’s entire body with both of your hands. Then you lean and rub your body on the colt, acting like a giant human curry comb. […]

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Training Tips
April 12, 2022

Training Tip: Handling an Aggressive Mare in a Group Ride

Question: I have a mare that tries to go after any other horse that rides near her; she even threatens horses at the opposite end of the arena. I spur her on and correct her as soon as I feel her intentions. Is there any way to overcome the problem without always having to be […]

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Training Tips
April 5, 2022

Training Tip: Check In With Your Horse on the Trail

One of the best ways to deter a horse from bolting or doing any other dangerous behavior on the trail is to check in with him every once in a while by asking him to move his feet and soften his body. As you’re walking down the trail, ask him to two-track or sidepass. Do […]

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Training Tips
March 29, 2022

Training Tip: Training a Show Horse With the Method

Question: I’m starting a yearling Quarter Horse filly with the Method and will prepare her for competitions such as western pleasure, showmanship and lunge line. I’ve noticed that she has a lack of horsemanship skills and I would like to know how to train her. Do I start the Method exactly like it’s programmed, or […]

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Training Tips
March 22, 2022

Training Tip: When to Work on Collected Lead Departures With Your Horse

If you want to know how truly broke a horse is, watch him do a lead departure. Horses with no training flip their heads and necks up and pull themselves into the lead with their front legs when asked to canter. Well-trained horses, on the other hand, effortlessly step into the canter while remaining soft […]

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Training Tips
March 22, 2022

Transition Your Horse From a Hackamore to a Snaffle Bit

Between a horse’s 10th and 14th ride, Clinton switches him over from a hackamore to a bridle with a snaffle bit. “When you decide to switch your horse from a hackamore over to the bridle really comes down to the individual. If your colt is doing well in the hackamore, it doesn’t hurt to leave […]

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Training Tips
March 15, 2022

Training Tip: Handling a Reactive Horse on a Group Ride

Question: I have been working through the Fundamentals course. My horse obeys my commands when working in the roundpen and when we’re out on the trail alone. When I ride with someone or in a group, she gets really nervous, and at times I cannot control her. I know the answer is not to use […]

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Training Tips
March 8, 2022

Training Tip: Horsemanship Test: Backing Your Horse in a Circle Around an Object

Here’s a fun challenge you can test your horsemanship with the next time you ride your horse. See if you can back your horse in a smooth, even circle around an inanimate object, such as a tree or cone, without him getting sticky feet or throwing his head up. You should tackle this challenge after […]

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Training Tips
March 1, 2022

Training Tip: Handling a Nervous Horse on the Trail

Question: My horse is very well-behaved and level-headed. I was on a ride last night with a friend whose horse is also very well-behaved. We rode past a pasture and the lone horse in the pasture came running to the fence.

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Training Tips
February 22, 2022

Training Tip: Understanding Horse Height

My experience in the horse world says that at least half the riders out there do not understand horse height in relation to a human’s height and weight. And most of those people believe that a bigger horse is better. It’s not. My mentor Gordon McKinlay used to tell me all the time: It takes […]

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