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Clinton’s Horse 360 Challenge

Frustration begins where knowledge ends. That’s a statement I often find myself repeating at clinics and tours when teaching horse owners how to safely and effectively work with their equine partners. The more knowledgeable you are about your horse and understand basic horse psychology, the less chance you have of experiencing frustration. But being a great horseman isn’t just about being able to train your horse on the ground and under saddle, it’s also about providing the best care possible for your horse. Any successful horseman will tell you that the key to getting a horse to perform to the best of his ability relies on knowing the horse inside and out and looking out for his welfare.

Early in my horsemanship journey, I realized that the more you know about your horse, including his anatomy and how his body works, the better partnership you’ll have no matter if you compete or expect him to carry you safely down the trail. Unfortunately, the majority of horse owners are clueless when it comes to the anatomy of their horse. Thanks to the Horse 360 iPhone app, that’s starting to change.

When I discovered the Horse 360’s app last year, two things stood out to me – not only was the app very educational (it is jam-packed with equine anatomy information), but it was actually fun! Anytime you can learn in a setting that’s not only challenging but fun, the information sticks so much better. That’s true for horses and humans. Over the past several months, I’ve had fun playing the app and discovering all of its different levels that cover a variety of topics from basic conformation all the way to the horse’s teeth. There’s no doubt that the app has helped me brush up on my own knowledge of the horse’s body, and I’ve even learned new things about equine anatomy as the levels got more complex.

The app is a fun challenge, and I’m not the only one at Downunder Horsemanship to think that. I noticed that my Academy students, standout horsemen I’ve selected to train to certify as clinicians under my name, were often playing with the app as well. A born competitor and always looking for the opportunity to educate my students, I came up with a great idea. Why not turn playing the Horse 360 app into a friendly competition?

Starting at the end of this month, we’ll be holding a contest amongst our soon to graduate Academy students to see who the true Horse 360 app champion is. Each week, we’ll post the winner’s results on the Horse 360 Facebook page so you can keep up on the scores. We even invite you to join our competition by completing a level and posting your score on Horse 360’s Facebook page and challenging your friends to do the same. You can even keep track of who has the best score in the world by posting your score to the World Leader Board. It’s absolutely free and a fun way to test your knowledge and see where you rank with other horse lovers around the world. Remember, the more we know about our horses, the better horsemen we’ll become.