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Is a Private Lesson With a Clinton Anderson Clinician for You?

It’s all about you and your horse. You make progress. Fast.

Private lessons are intimate settings where the clinician works with just you or you and a small group of your friends. There were four of us in our lesson, and we each had specific exercises we wanted help with and had different riding abilities and our horses were at different stages of training. While at a clinic, everyone moves through the exercises together, and the more advanced participants are left twiddling their thumbs while the clinician helps those that need more help, our clinician was able to tailor the lesson for each of us so we got specific help on issues we wanted to fix. With such devoted attention and small class size, we made progress. Fast. The results were nothing short of amazing. – Cindy T.

The cost is practical and you get more than you bargain for.

When I first learned that Clinton had clinicians who would teach private lessons at your home, I was ecstatic. But then I saw how much the lessons cost, and all my enthusiasm hit the floor. “Who could afford that?” I asked myself. But then my husband encouraged me to sit down and figure out the actual cost. With five of my friends participating in a three-day lesson with me, the price turned out to be $500/day. That still seemed like a lot, but when I did more computing, I figured I was paying $62.50/hour for an eight hour day of instruction. I got way more than eight hours’ worth of instruction each day! And while we were responsible for paying for the clinician’s travel expenses and room and board, we whittled it down to almost nothing by inviting her to stay with us, picking her up at the airport and cooking for her. Not only did that save us money, but it also meant we got to learn more from her as we could talk horses and the Method from sunup to sundown. It was a phenomenal experience that my group of friends is definitely going to do again! – Marcy G.

What they say is true: You can’t beat one-on-one help.
I own all three of Clinton’s Method kits and have nearly worn my DVDs out from watching them so much and my Arena Mates are dog-eared and creased from use. I’ve been riding all my life and thought I was doing the Method correctly. I was getting great results but wanted some refinement, so I hired a clinician to do a private lesson for me. Here’s what I learned: There’s a big difference between thinking you’re doing the Method correctly and knowing you’re doing the Method correctly. With the clinician’s keen eye and astute instruction, my horse and I tripled our progress. I thought we were doing well, but the clinician showed me that I was just skimming the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we are capable of. – Gary S.