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News Archive

Walkabout Tours
August 24, 2021

Colt Starting Demo Horse Needed

At the Dripping Springs, Texas Walkabout Tour presented by Ritchie Industries, Clinton will work with one of his Professional Clinicians to demonstrate how he prepares a horse to be ridden for the first time. An unstarted horse from the area will be brought to the tour for Clinton and his clinician to work with. During […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 24, 2021

Meet 2021 Method Ambassador Audrey Liddle

Missy, a sweet-natured pony with horrible ground manners, led Audrey to the Method and eventually to her career as a Method Ambassador. Audrey’s grandparents bought the pony for Audrey and her sister when the girls were young. Audrey had been in the saddle since she could walk and started taking western riding lessons when she […]

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August 19, 2021

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Training Tips
August 17, 2021

Training Tip: Rollbacks on the Fence Issue

Question: When we’re doing rollbacks on the fence, my horse, Austin, a 4-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse, will stick his head over the fence rather than tucking it in and stopping. The fence is 5-feet high and sturdy, and even when he has bumped his nose against it a few times he still has trouble rolling […]

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August 17, 2021

2023 Clinician Academy Course Half Full

The past couple of Clinician Academy classes have filled quickly, and the 2023 course is on the same track. Now that Clinton is only accepting 10 horsemen into the Academy each year, the participation spots are more coveted than ever before. During the Academy, students are instructed five days a week and are tested over […]

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Downunder Horsemanship - General Training Tips
August 17, 2021

Problem Solving: Horse Won’t Stand Still

A horse that constantly moves around when you try to slip your foot in the stirrup is not only frustrating, but potentially dangerous. A well-trained horse stands quietly while you mount and waits for your cue to move off once you’re situated in the saddle. “The secret to getting a horse to stand quietly when […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 17, 2021

Meet 2021 Method Ambassador Devin McKee

Growing up on his family’s dairy and beef farm in northeast Utah, Devin was in the saddle before he could walk. He’d ride along with his dad as they moved cattle around their property, and when he got older, Devin rode his own horse to help around the ranch. When he was in middle school, […]

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Training Tips
August 10, 2021

Training Tip: Is Your Horse Making an Honest Mistake or Not Trying?

Determining whether a horse is making an honest mistake or not putting any effort into doing what you’re asking of him is a crucial skill for a trainer to have. You have to be able to recognize when a horse is giving you the wrong answer but he’s trying to figure out what you’re asking […]

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Downunder Horsemanship - General
August 10, 2021

Check Out Clinton’s New Barn and Party With Us

This fall, we’re celebrating Clinton’s new barn and you’re invited to join us! On Saturday, October 2nd, Clinton will be giving a guided tour of his new facility as well as sharing two training demonstrations with the public. The first demonstration will detail how to prepare a colt for the first ride, covering everything from […]

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No Worries Club
August 10, 2021

A Horse of a Different Kind Contest

We all love our Quarter Horses – who couldn’t love them with their good minds, athleticism and big, muscular butts – but for our latest No Worries Club contest we want to step back and recognize all the Method horses out there that are not Quarter Horses. We want to hear about your minis, drafts, […]

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