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News Archive

Downunder Horsemanship - General
November 19, 2013

Three New TV Shows Airing

  The following week, Professional Clinician Brittany Huff will be featured on the program. Brittany spent three years on the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch learning the Method to receive Clinton’s highest level of certification. Her passion for helping horse owners realize their horsemanship dreams is obvious during the episode and you’ll get a good look at […]

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Clinton Anderson Sponsors
November 19, 2013

NRHA Colt Starting Demo

  Once. That’s how many times Clinton got bucked off a horse while starting colts with his mentor Gordon McKinlay. Considering the pair started 600 horses together, it’s an outstanding number! Clinton is sharing the colt starting technique he learned from Gordon and continues to use on his horses today in a colt starting demo […]

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November 19, 2013

Praise For The Academy Horse Program

  I applied to Downunder Horsemanship’s Academy Horse Program in the fall of 2012 in the hopes of getting my Quarter Horse filly, Trixi, trained. At the time, she was an obnoxious filly, with little to no respect. I had to watch her every moment I was around her to make sure I wasn’t bitten, […]

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Clinton Anderson
November 19, 2013

Jumpstart Your Horsemanship in 2014

  2014 Clinic Dates: March 14th – 16th – 3-Day Fundamentals Clinic April 22nd – May 2nd – 10-Day Fundamentals Clinic May 6th – 14th – 8-Day Fundamentals Clinic June 1st – 11th – 10-Day Colt Starting Clinic Sept. 5th – 7th – 3-Day Fundamentals Clinic Sept. 22nd – Oct.

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Training Tips
November 12, 2013

Training Tip: Horse Overreacts To Other Horses On The Trail

  It’s common for horses to get excited when they see other horses on the trail. Anytime a horse starts to use the reactive side of his brain and it feels like you’re losing control, redirect his energy in a positive way. When a horse uses the reactive side of his brain, the only way […]

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Clinton Anderson
November 12, 2013

2013 Clinic Season Winding Down

Clinton wrapped up his Intermediate Clinic on Monday by handing out certificates to the participants who completed the 10-day course. The 32 horsemen came from all over the United States and even the UK to attend the clinic. Their backgrounds and future goals made them a diverse group, but they all shared the same passion […]

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No Worries Club
November 12, 2013

Share Your Group With Us

The name of your group The main contact person/group leader’s name and contact information  The region or State your group meets in  The number of people who are in your group

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Training Tips
November 5, 2013

Training Tip: Hold The Soft Feel Longer

  Vertical flexion is something that you’ll build on with each give. First the horse has to understand that when you pick up on the reins and apply pressure with your legs he needs to maintain whatever gait he’s in and give to the pressure. As soon as he understands that concept, then you can […]

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