Special Rate for Clinton’s Clinic in Nampa, ID

Special Rate: $850 for No Worries Club members and $1,850 for nonmembers for the Nampa, ID 3-Day Fundamentals Clinic, Sept. 8-10 at the Idaho Horse Park. Limited participation spots available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Inspiring the dreams of horsemen

Shana and Marty share the amazing partnership that can be accomplished with the Method.

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On The Trail

This all-new supplement to the Fundamentals Series will teach you EVERYTHING you have ever wanted to know about trail riding.

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Ranch Rally

This unique two-day event is designed to cater to Clinton's most loyal and most dedicated horsemen.

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The Walkabout Tour

The most inspirational 2 days any horse lover can have

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Ranch Clinics

Learn the Method from Clinton at his world-class Downunder Horsemanship training facility.

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Meet Clinton's Performance Horses

Match an exceptional horse with a world-class trainer and success comes naturally.

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Downunder Horsemanship Upcoming Events

August 26 - 27
2017 Walkabout Tour
Lake St. Louis, MO
September 8 - 10
3-Day Fundamentals Clinic
Nampa, ID
September 15 - 17
3-Day Fundamentals Clinic
Eagle, CO
October 20 - 21
Downunder Discovery Ranch Rally 2017
Stephenville, TX
November 3 - 5
3-Day Training On The Trail Clinic
Stephenville, TX
November 10 - 20
10-Day Intermediate Clinic
Stephenville, TX
December 9 - 10
Clinton Anderson & Ian Francis “Two Legends” 2-Day Demonstration
December 15 - 17
3-Day Fundamentals Clinic
Hurricane, UT

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