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Experience Horsemanship Like Never Before

What separates the Downunder Horsemanship Method from others is Clinton’s unique approach to teaching horse owners how to effectively communicate with their horses. As you progress through horse training levels, you’ll notice that every lesson is presented in a step-by-step system called the Eight Steps to Success. Each exercise is laid out in the easiest, simplest way to understand, ensuring that you’ll know exactly what steps to take and what you can expect your horse to do when teaching a given exercise.

The Method® Training Levels

Follow the four levels of the Method to become a skilled horseman and to create a safe, fun partnership with your horse.


The foundation of respect, control and effective communication with your horse.


Gain more control of your horse’s feet and achieve lightness and collection in the saddle.


Master the most sought after tools in the industry to elevate your horsemanship.


Focus in specialized areas of horse training to become a world-class horseman.

Build The Foundation of Success

The Method | Fundamentals

Learn how your horse thinks and how best to communicate with him. Fundamentals groundwork and riding exercises give you the confidence to set the foundation for a safe, respectful and fun relationship with your horse.

Learn Fundamentals:


Gain More Respect & Control

The Method | Intermediate

Focus on gaining more control of your horse’s feet on the ground and achieving true lightness, suppleness and collection in the saddle. Learn to soften and supple the horse’s five body parts for improved performance under saddle.

Learn Intermediate:

Finesse Your Horsemanship

The Method | Advanced

Develop your feel and timing further and learn to cue your horse to do advanced maneuvers on the ground and under saddle with just a suggestion.

Learn Advanced:

Become A Master Horseman

The Method | Professional

Learn how to train a foal, ensure a colt gets the best start under saddle, and challenge your horsemanship with trick training.

Learn Professional:

I love everything about the Method

I love everything about the Method. I have been riding my whole life, and I love being able to learn more and love improving my own skills! Best thing about it - my 8 and 10 year old daughters love to watch too. They are learning even more than I taught them about safety first, and it's awesome to watch them bond so much more with their horses!
- Shyan Rae Ingrao

I absolutely love his no-fluff attitude

His method is easy to understand, and I absolutely love his no-fluff attitude. Just like he says, training needs to be black and white with no shades of gray! Everything he says and does just makes sense to me, and I'm glad I bought the series. Can't wait to make my way through them! Learn something new every time I watch his DVDs, whether it's on the No Worries Club website or his training series.
- Nicole Marvin

Changed my horse for the better!

Changed my horse for the better! Helped me, too. I was ready to give up on my mare until I tried the Method!
- Madison Ellen Miller

Great job, Clinton, in the teaching on the DVD sets!

I'm learning about horses and horsemanship before I get a horse. Friends lent me the Fundamentals set. WOW! All the questions I have when actually DOING the groundwork and riding are entirely explained so far. Great job, Clinton, in the teaching on the DVD sets!
- Keith Hansen

With Clinton’s method, we are doing great!

Amazing. I started a 7-year-old mare that I bought as a 2-year-old. Due to a sick family member, I never got her started and people told me I should turn her into a broodmare. They all said she was too old, too hot and too strong to be started, but I didn't want to give up on her. I followed Clinton's colt starting method, and I'm happy to say I've been riding her for just about five months now. With Clinton's method, we are doing great!
- Holly Wiggers