Learn At Home Training Kits

World-Class Training at Home

Learn the Method on your own, and get results with your horse. Clinton’s training kits feature instructional videos that follow his 8 Steps to Success and include Arena Mates that lay out each lesson with color photos. Learn the goal, why, teaching stage, handler/rider mistakes, horse problems, troubleshooting, success tips and practical purpose for every exercise, so you can get the same results Clinton does.

The Method Collection

Fundamentals Kit

The first step to becoming a truly great horseman is to master the basics of respect, control and communication. In the Fundamentals Series, Clinton details the foundation every horse/human relationship should start with. You’ll get an in-depth look at the psychology behind training horses and over 30 groundwork and riding exercises that will teach you to be a leader your horse trusts and respects. From working in the roundpen to establish a clear line of communication with your horse to the basics of achieving collection under saddle, Clinton guides you every step of the way. If you take the time to lay the right foundation, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the results!

Sample Arena Mate


Upon completing the Fundamentals Series, you’ve achieved your horse’s respect without fear, and are on your way to becoming a skilled horseman and mastering the basics of respect, control and communication. The second level of the Method will challenge you to demand even more from yourself and your horse all while continuing to build on the progress you’ve already made. The 33 groundwork and riding exercises in the Intermediate Series focus on gaining even more control of your horse’s feet and achieving true lightness and suppleness under saddle.

Sample Arena Mate


The third level of the Method is all about learning to finesse your horsemanship, increasing your confidence in the saddle and having the satisfaction of training a horse that responds to a feather-light touch and is a pleasure to work with. Each of the 32 exercises in the Advanced Series is designed to take your horsemanship to a whole new level. By the time you finish the Advanced Series, you’ll be able to control your horse’s feet on the ground with precision and guide him under saddle with your fingertips.

Sample Arena Mate


You’ve gone through the Fundamentals Series and now you’re ready to take your passion outside of the arena. Clinton’s made the transition from riding within the confines of a controlled environment to negotiating the most challenging trail situations with your horse a step-by-step process that will increase your horsemanship skills and strengthen the partnership you share with your horse. There are no shortcuts to training a trail horse, but Clinton makes the journey easy to understand and fun.

Sample Book

The Professional Series


Learn how to make the most of a foal’s first weeks from imprinting the newborn to taking the young horse through the Fundamentals level of the Method. A supplement to the acclaimed Fundamentals Series, Foal Training is jam-packed with an assortment of exercises designed to develop a young horse’s respect and confidence. The series follows the progression of two foals – one of which Clinton imprints just hours after birth and another that’s a month old and hasn’t been handled at all. Clinton takes practical approaches to a foal’s first exposure to haltering, leading, handling feet, tying and many other everyday occurrences a foal will encounter.

Sample Arena Mate

Colt Starting

The foundation you put in place during a colt’s first weeks under saddle sets the success of your partnership together. There’s nobody better at getting a horse truly broke and soft and supple than Clinton, and in the Colt Starting Series he covers every aspect of starting a young horse while working with a wild mustang. Whether you have a colt you’ve raised since birth or are taking on an untouched prospect, Clinton has your step-by-step guide to getting off to the best start. He offers countless success tips, safety precautions and troubleshooting advice.

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Trick training adds a new dimension to your horsemanship and elevates your partnership with your horse to a level that will inspire others. In the Trick Training Series, Clinton explains how to successfully prepare and teach a horse tricks using his practical approach to horsemanship that gets results. Not only is teaching your horse tricks a fun challenge, but it’s a great way to form a better relationship and build off the foundation of respect and trust that you have already established with the Method.

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