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Give Yourself the Gift of Knowledge

While you’re in the present-giving mood this holiday season, give you and your horse the gift of a better partnership by enrolling in a clinic. Downunder Horsemanship offers a variety of clinics and clinicians who can help you get results with your horse.

Clinic with Clinton.

Clinton is instructing two levels of horsemanship clinics in 2016 at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Stephenville, Texas, and he will also be teaching three-day Fundamentals Clinics across the country. Spectators are welcome to attend the Fundamentals Clinics held on the road.

Fundamentals Clinic
Participants gain first-hand knowledge on how to transform a stiff, heavy and unwilling horse into a soft, supple and cooperative partner. They’ll learn exercises to improve their seat, build their confidence and increase their sense of feel and timing — essential ingredients to becoming a skilled horseman. Clinic curriculum focuses on Clinton’s horsemanship philosophy and over 30 groundwork and riding exercises.

Colt Starting Clinic
Clinton helps participants take their young horses from unstarted colts to riding on the trail in 10 days. Clinton’s approach to colt starting, which he learned from his late Australian mentor Gordon McKinlay, is focused on preparation and safety for both horse and rider.

If the idea of participating in the clinic is overwhelming, but the opportunity to have a colt started under Clinton’s tutelage is appealing, there is a limited opportunity for owners of colts to have one of Clinton’s clinicians start their colts for them.

For more information about the Fundamentals or Colt Starting Clinics, including how to enroll, contact Brittney at 254-552-1080 or [email protected].

Explore the most advanced levels of the Method with a Professional Clinician.
Professional Clinicians have mastered the Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced levels of the Method as well as specific training topics, such as colt starting, young horse development, trick training and problem solving. They can help you and your horse excel beyond the basics of horsemanship. We currently have three Professional Clinicians available for private lessons and public clinics: Jeff Davis, Diego Gaona and Luke Lundahl.

The Professional Clinicians will also be instructing a 10-day Intermediate Clinic at the ranch, November 1 – 11. The Intermediate Clinic covers the second level of the Method and focuses on exercises such as rollbacks, collection, sidepassing and shoulder in/shoulder out. Contact Brittney for more information about the clinic at 254-552-1080 or [email protected].

Learn from a Certified Clinician.
Certified Clinicians teach public clinics and private lessons that focus on the Fundamentals level of the Method. Certified Clinicians have spent 70 weeks on the ranch learning to fine-tune their abilities as a horseman and instructor. With the help of a Certified Clinician, you’ll learn how to improve your partnership with your horse and become a skilled leader for him. Our Certified Clinicians are Dale Cunningham, Kristin Hamacher, Mitch Gassen and Shayla Smock.

Get one-on-one help from a Method Ambassador.
If you’re looking for an introduction into the Method, our Ambassadors are the perfect solution. Our nine Ambassadors are located around the country and teach small clinics and private lessons in their local areas.

Learn more about our Clinicians and Ambassadors, including their schedules and how to contact them, on our website