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by Downunder Horsemanship

How to Progress Through the Downunder Horsemanship Method

If you’ve just joined the No Worries Club and are excited to get to work on your horsemanship but aren’t sure where to begin and feel overwhelmed by all the training information available, we’re here to help! Clinton’s put together a video that explains where you and your horse need to start the Method and how to progress through it until you master it.

Method Progression:

    1. Fundamentals Series
      Set the foundation for a successful partnership with your horse with groundwork and riding exercises designed to teach you how to be an effective leader and your horse a safe, willing partner.If you have an unstarted horse or a horse with less than 10 rides, you’ll want to begin with the Colt Starting Series. It’s a step-by-step guide to safely getting a horse started under saddle. This training resource is intended to be a supplement to the Fundamentals Series, meaning you’ll need access to the Fundamentals Series to understand and complete all the exercises.
    2. Fundamentals In Action on the Trail
      Once you’ve learned the Fundamentals, you’re ready to go outside the arena. The exercises in this training series will help you go from enjoying the controlled environment of the arena to negotiating the most challenging trail situations with confidence.
    3. Intermediate Series
      When you’re proficient at the Fundamentals, it’s time to take your horsemanship to the next level. In the Intermediate Series, Clinton challenges you to up your performance with 33 groundwork and riding exercises.
    4. Advanced Series
      Learn to finesse your horsemanship on the ground and under saddle. By the time you work your way through the 32 exercises in the Advanced Series, you’ll be able to precisely cue and guide your horse.

After learning the major building blocks of the Method, you’re ready to really challenge your horsemanship with the Professional Series. The Foal Training Series, the Colt Starting Series, and the Trick Training Series make up the Professional Series. You don’t have to know how to start a colt or train a foal or teach a horse to do tricks to be a good horseman, but it is good knowledge to have and fun to do.