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Method Progression: Step 4 – Professional Series



Colt Starting Series
In just over a decade, Clinton has redefined the concept of colt starting with his belief that the foundation you put in place during a colt’s first weeks under saddle sets the success of your partnership together. There’s nobody better at getting a horse truly broke and soft and supple than Clinton, and in the Colt Starting Series he covers every aspect of starting a young horse from catching a wild horse to safely walking, trotting and cantering on a loose rein. He offers countless success tips, safety precautions and troubleshooting advice. 

In the series, Clinton works with a wild mustang to best demonstrate how effective his method of colt starting is, covering every crucial step to achieving a safe and enjoyable partnership with a young horse. Whether you have a colt you’ve raised since birth or are taking on an untouched prospect, Clinton has your step-by-step guide to getting off to the right start. 


The Colt Starting Series includes: 

  • 11 DVDs
  • 26 Arena Mates



Foal Training Series
In the Foal Training Series, Clinton reveals how to make the most of a foal’s first weeks from imprinting the newborn to taking the young horse through the Fundamentals level of the Method. A supplement to the acclaimed Fundamentals Series, Foal Training is jam-packed with an assortment of exercises designed to develop a young horse’s respect and confidence. The series follows the progression of two foals – one of which Clinton imprints just hours after birth and another that’s a month old and hasn’t been handled at all. Along with explaining sought-after success tips and troubleshooting advice, the series details how to positively introduce new experiences to a young horse, all while building the foal’s confidence. Clinton takes practical innovative approaches to a foal’s first exposure to haltering, leading, handling feet, tying and many other everyday occurrences a foal will encounter.


The Foal Training Series includes:

  • 8 DVDs
  • 14 Arena Mates



Trick Training Series
Trick training adds a new dimension to your horsemanship and elevates your partnership with your horse to a brand new level that will inspire others. In the Trick Training Series, Clinton explains how to successfully prepare and teach a horse tricks using his practical approach to horsemanship that garners results. Not only is teaching your horse tricks a fun challenge, but it’s a great way to form a better relationship and build off the foundation of respect and trust that you have already established with the Method. Through trick training, you can teach your horse to focus on subtle body language and respond accurately to voice commands. 


The Trick Training Series includes:

  • 4 DVDs
  • 7 Arena Mates