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by Downunder Horsemanship

Non-Stop Learning Opportunities at the Dripping Springs, Texas Walkabout Tour

When Clinton brings the Walkabout Tour presented by Ritchie Industries to the Dripping Springs Ranch Park November 13th and 14th, he’s bringing with him two days of non-stop horsemanship instruction. Throughout the event, the horse trainer will team up with his Professional Clinicians to put on eight training demonstrations.

Colt Starting

Debunk traditional colt-starting techniques and learn how to put a safe first ride on your horse as Clinton steps you through his colt-starting method.

Training on the Trail

A dependable, safe trail horse doesn’t happen by accident. Learn key exercises to train your horse to be a partner you can rely on, no matter what situation arises on the trail. Clinton works with two horses with varying degrees of training and ability in this must-see demo.

Advanced Riding

Prepare to be inspired! Clinton performs some of the most advanced training techniques on his personal horse. Exciting and innovative, this demo is one of the most outstanding displays of horsemanship you’ll ever see.

Beyond Fundamentals Groundwork

Move beyond Fundamentals groundwork exercises with this demo that delves into the Intermediate and Advanced levels of the Method. You’ll be inspired to take your partnership with your horse even further.

Cantering With Confidence

Clinton and his clinicians work with a horse that has issues at the canter. The training session will give you pointers to apply to your own horsemanship to get your horse cantering with confidence.

Desensitizing Your Horse to Spooky Objects

Using a local problem horse, Clinton uses his signature Approach and Retreat Method to desensitize the horse to a variety of objects all while building the horse’s confidence and trust. Once Clinton begins desensitizing, scary objects, such as fly spray and plastic bags, are no longer something to dread but rather an opportunity to advance the training process.

Training a Performance Horse

Clinton works with his up-and-coming performance horses to share how he uses the foundation the Method provides to train an equine athlete for a specific discipline.

Trouble-Free Trailering

A master teacher, Clinton knows that sometimes the best way to teach someone is to first show them what NOT to do. Clinton will have you laughing as you watch him go through all the “don’ts” of loading your horse on a trailer. Despite its humor, this demonstration will open your eyes and advance your horsemanship education. Demonstrating with a local horse that is fearful of the trailer, Clinton not only teaches the horse to confidently step on the trailer, but by the end of the demo, he has the horse loading on the trailer by itself. With Clinton’s techniques, the trailer becomes a place of security rather than fear.

Along with the must-see training demonstrations, Clinton will be giving away over $6,000 in prizes. Learn more about the event on our website. Tickets are $25 for the weekend and can be purchased online. No Worries Club members receive five free tickets to the tour. To purchase member tickets online, you must be logged in to your e-store account.