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Training Tip: The Sacred Hula Hoop

As a trainer, you need your horse’s respect and attention in order to teach him and gain his trust. Establishing your personal space will help you stay safe while doing just that. The first thing your horse has to understand is that you are fragile and he needs to be careful around you. I honestly don’t believe that most horses intend to hurt us. They just don’t realize that there’s a massive weight difference between them and us. Consider the weight difference between you and your horse. Your horse is roughly 10 times your weight. He’s in a 1,300-pound category and you’re in a 130- to 200-pound category. By establishing your personal hula hoop space (an imaginary 4-foot circle that surrounds you), you’ll keep yourself safe while working with your horse and earning his respect. Your horse should only enter your personal space if you specifically invite him to come up to you. Otherwise, he should keep a respectful, safe distance.