Downunder Discovery Ranch Rally Join Us for the Ultimate Experience

Downunder Discovery

This unique two-day event is designed to cater to Clinton’s most loyal and most dedicated horsemen. Just like Clinton, we know that you crave learning as much as you can about horses and the Method, and Clinton is dying to share his more advanced training techniques with you. There’s only so much information he can safely share with the public at tours or on his television show, but in front of his most loyal fans – there’s nothing holding him back!

Join Clinton and his team Saturday evening for a full-on party that will include live music and a bonfire. The Ranch Rally is all about celebrating our passion for horses and hanging out with horsemen who believe in the same training method.


Ranch Rally Schedule

Gates will be open at 7 a.m. Please DO NOT stop in the middle of the road and wait for the gates to open. You will be greeted by a gate attendant at arrival with further instructions.

October 20, 2017
7:00 AM

Gates Open

Please have your tickets in hand when pulling into the ranch driveway. You will be greeted by a parking attendant at arrival. At this time, you will receive your wristband for the event and will be escorted to the parking area.

- 9:15

Welcome to the Ranch Rally!

Clinton welcomes you to the ranch and gives you a quick rundown of the instruction, inspiration and fun to expect over the next two days

- 11:15

Colt Starting

Working with a 2-year-old colt, Clinton demonstrates how to safely put the first ride on a horse.

  • First Saddling
    Working with a colt that’s never been saddled, Clinton walks you through his step-by-step process of introducing a saddle to a horse.
  • First Ride
    Working with a 2-year-old colt, Clinton demonstrates how to safely put the first ride on a horse.
  • Second Ride
    A colt that has already been given his first ride is brought out for this demonstration so Clinton can explain what he looks for in a horse’s second ride.
  • Third Ride
    The training progression of starting a horse under saddle continues with a session with a third colt that has been ridden twice before. In front of attendees, Clinton will share what he looks for in a horse’s third ride.
- 12:15


Take an hour to grab some food and sit back and visit with a great group of horsemen. Concession stands will be open on the ranch grounds all day, serving breakfast, lunch, refreshments and snacks.

- 1:45

Hobbling and Leg Restraints

Clinton trains all of his horses to hobble and believes the practice is a must for a horse’s safety and well-being. The clinician demonstrates several different types of hobbles and how to safely train a horse to accept leg restraints.

- 2:15


- 3:00

Reining Training With a 2-Year-Old

While riding 2-year-old futurity prospects, Clinton and Ian Francis explain how they begin training a 2-year-old for reining competition. Emphasis will be placed on gaining control of the horse’s five body parts and daily suppling exercises.

- 3:45

Reining Training With a 3-Year-Old

Building off the session with the 2-year-old horses, Clinton goes into more advanced training detail in this demo. He’ll also cover maneuvers specific to the show pen, such as lead changes, stops, rollbacks and spins. It’s a rare opportunity to see Clinton doing what he loves best.

- 4:15


- 4:45

Q&A Session

Clinton’s ranch manager and veterinarian as well as his sponsors will be available for Q&A sessions. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your ranch management, preventative care and equine nutrition questions from the experts Clinton places his trust in!

- 7:30

Happy Hour Tour

Hang out with Clinton as he walks around the ranch, explaining the features of his world-class training facility. This will be your only opportunity to visit Clinton’s personal property. After the tour ends, kick back and socialize with Clinton and your fellow horsemen.

October 21, 2017
7:00 AM

Gates Open

Please have your wristband visible when pulling into the ranch driveway. You will be greeted by parking attendants at arrival and escorted to the parking area.

- 10:30

Training on the Obstacle Course

Working with four horses – a weanling, a yearling, an adult horse and a horse that has never been introduced to obstacles – Clinton will demonstrate how obstacles challenge a horse and increase his responsiveness and trust in you as a leader. You’ll learn how to include variety in your training program and give your horse a purpose for doing groundwork exercises

- 11:00


- 1:30

Training On The Trail

While his clinicians demonstrate training on the trail techniques, Clinton leads a walking tour of the training areas around the ranch. You’ll be escorted around the ranch, getting to see where Clinton rides his horses, his pastures full of young performance prospects and Signature Horses as well as where he trains horses on the trail. You’ll get a firsthand look at how Clinton and his Academy students use the natural environment to train respectful, safe and willing trail partners.

- 2:30


Take an hour to grab some food and sit back and visit with a great group of horsemen. Concession stands will be open on the ranch grounds all day, serving breakfast, lunch, refreshments and snacks.

- 4:00

Working Cow Horse

Clinton and Ian Francis share the ins and outs of training a working cow horse. Learn how to introduce a horse to cows and the finer details of training a prospect to read cattle

- 4:30


- 6:00

Advanced Groundwork

Learn how to take your groundwork and the partnership you share with your horse to the next level. The demo covers advanced groundwork exercises as well as trick training and liberty work.

- 2:00 AM

Rally Party

Live music sets the stage for a night of fun Downunder Horsemanship style! Mingle with Clinton, the Downunder Horsemanship team and other horsemen into the wee hours of the morning. Bring your own beverage (alcohol is welcome) and a sense of humor. A best costume contest will be held for those wanting to get into the Halloween spirit. The winner gets a Clinton Anderson saddle!

Important Information

Clinton wants to make your experience at the ranch educational and fun. In order to get the most out of the Rally, you’ll need to come prepared. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Bring a chair
    Most demos will be held in the covered arena where there is bleacher seating. For any demos taking place outside, bleacher seating will not be available.
  • Bring a camera
    Photos are allowed during the event. You can take pictures of the ranch, obstacle course, arenas, roundpens, and during the Rally.
  • Small coolers welcome
    If you would like to bring your own food and beverage, small coolers are permitted at the ranch.
  • Bring a notebook
    This is your chance to absorb as much live information as possible. You’ll want a notebook to capture it all!
  • Bring an umbrella or wear a hat
    It may be hot at the ranch, and at times, demos will be held outdoors. Protect yourself from the heat.
  • Products available for purchase
    All of our products, including training tools, equipment and apparel, will be available for purchase.
  • Video recording not permitted
    NO VIDEO RECORDING ALLOWED.If anyone is found recording any part of the ranch facility or event, they will be asked to leave immediately.
  • No dogs
    No dogs are allowed at the ranch.
  • Non-Refundable
    No refund on tickets
  • Limited Parking
    Because there is limited parking available at the ranch, RVs, campers, semis, and any vehicle towing any sort of trailer will not be permitted through the gates.


If you have any questions, please call us at:




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