When to Use Front and Back Support Boots

For the past 20 years, Clinton Anderson from Downunder Horsemanship has devoted his life to creating the best training tools and videos available to help train your horse, regardless of their problem. He believes that it’s training the owners that poses a real issue. Join him as he tackles some of the most challenging situations with problem horses and with problem owners.

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During this episode, Clinton answers another question from one of his viewers. This week Brennie from Oregon asks about the front and back support boots. She begins the episode saying, “Sometimes in the DVDs and on the TV show, you put front boots on the horse and other times you put front and back boots on the horse.” So, which should you choose?

Clinton tells his listeners that it honestly just kind of depends on what you’re doing with the horse. Bell boots, often called overreach boots, are a type of horse boots that are used to protect the horse’s hooves and heels. They provide extra support around the bulb of your horse’s foot and can help reduce the occurrence of overreaching.

To decide whether you should use front boots or back boots, consider what you’re doing. If you’re going to be doing a lot of performance type stuff like sliding stops, working a cow, or anything that requires a horse to put a lot of effort into his hind end, you’ll probably want to put the hind boots on your horse. Clinton says that it also may depend on the horse and the obstacle course or groundwork you’re going to do. If you’ve got a horse that’s kind of lazy and laid back, especially if he doesn’t pick up his feet going over the obstacles, then you should put hind boots on him as well to help protect the back legs.

The front boots should always be put on your horse to help prevent injury, but if he doesn’t pick up his legs high enough, step over the log, or jump over the gully, he’s eventually going to hurt himself and get injured. So, always use the front boots and if you want to play it safe, use them both. It doesn’t hurt to put the front boots and the back boots on when training.

The Dy-No Turn Bell Boots from Downunder Horsemanship work great in conjunction with the Classic Legacy System Front Boots, as they provide your horse with comprehensive protection and comfort. Remember, your horse’s legs need to be protected and taken care of because if there are no working legs, there’s no working horse. The more you protect them, the better shape you’re in.

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