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by Downunder Horsemanship

How to Clean Your Felt PRS Saddle Pad

Over time, your saddle pad will get covered with dirt and built-up sweat from your horse. It’s important to keep the pad clean so that it remains comfortable for your horse and built-up grime doesn’t cause rubs or saddle sores.

Cleaning Steps:

    1. Loosen Up the Dirt
      Use a rubber curry comb to break up the dirt and dried sweat. Be careful how much pressure you apply to the comb so that you don’t damage the pad. When you’ve got the dirt broken up, shake the pad out or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt.
    2. Dampen
      Use a hose to wet the pad. You just want to dampen it, you don’t need to soak it with water. As you’re spraying the pad, wash it from the center to its outer edges at an angle. Do not spray the water directly into the pad. Doing so will drive dirt and grime into the wool.
    3. Apply a Neutral or an Alkaline Based Shampoo
      Only use soap like Woolite™ that is PH7 – neutral or an alkaline based shampoo. Do not use soap that is acidic based, because it will damage the wool’s natural elasticity. Gently work the shampoo into the pad using a rubber curry comb.
    4. Rinse
      Using a hose, rinse the pad off at angle so that you’re not directly spraying water into the pad. Continue to rinse the pad until the water runs clean.
    5. Air Dry
      When the pad is thoroughly rinsed off, drape it over a saddle stand or fence to air dray.
    6. Condition Leather Parts
      Apply leather conditioner to all of the pad’s leather parts.

Learn more about the felt PRS Pads on our website.