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by Downunder Horsemanship

Prepare for Spring!

Spring-Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Prioritize what is most important. Cleaning and organizing the tack room can be done in inclement weather, while updating and cleaning stalls may be done during turnout time.



SAFE AND CLEAN. Check stall walls and doors for protruding nails, replace rotting boards and tighten loose door/window hinges. Completely strip or push all bedding to the side and check floors and stall mats for holes or excessive wear. Disinfect flooring. Refill holes or replace mats as needed. Sweep cobwebs from rafters, around buckets, corners, and other places. Thoroughly wash and disinfect all feed and water buckets.

PEST CONTROL. If you do not want birds nesting in your barn, now is the time to take appropriate measures. Plastic owls or bird recordings are common options used to help scare unwanted birds away. Check for evidence of rodents and eliminate access holes. Evaluate and start your fly prevention program. Eliminate standing water that can breed mosquitoes and spray to prevent wasp nests from forming.



ORGANIZE. Be optimistic about the weather and send your winter blankets for repair and cleaning. Thoroughly inspect all your leather tack, repair any damage and give everything a good cleaning. Sweep the floor and tear down any cobwebs. Clean and disinfect your grooming brushes, sponges, and towels and let them dry thoroughly. Update your tack room with the Ultimate Tack System. Each individual component easily transfers from the Ultimate Frame to the Ultimate Cart. Get even more organized and save extra space with a rotating tack wall.

MINIMIZE. Gather all your unused tack, horse supplies, and blankets and give to a local horse charity, consignment shop or have a barn sale. Go through your medical supplies and supplements and get rid of anything that has expired or is no longer usable.


Outside Check

BARN. Examine the roof for storm damage. Evaluate the drainage around your barn. Did you have too much mud this year? Start planning now to add gutters, rubber mats, stable-ity grid system, or gravel to eliminate excess mud. If you already have gutters, make sure they are clear of leaves and other debris. Check outside doors and windows for needed repairs.

GROUNDS. Review all fencing for breaks or exposed wire. Make sure all wood boards are secure, with no protruding nails. Clean and disinfect outside water troughs. Consider fertilizing and/or applying weed control. Make sure to read directions on proper wait time between application and horse turnout.