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by Downunder Horsemanship

Thanks for Celebrating 25 Years With Us

When Clinton created Downunder Horsemanship 25 years ago, his goal was to make horsemanship safer and easier for people and help them create a more enjoyable partnership with their horses. He had no idea the impact the Method would have on the horse world or the community of horsemen it’d foster. In fact, while Clinton’s passion and persistence built Downunder Horsemanship, the company’s success is thanks to you and your dedication.

As our anniversary rolled around, we wanted to create some fun for the people who mean the most to us. At the end of August, we held a special sale and released a limited-edition color to our training essentials. Throughout the week-long event, anyone who put an order through on the Downunder Horsemanship store was entered into a contest to win one of 24 prizes. Those whose orders totaled $300 or more, had the chance to win one of Clinton’s saddles.

We began drawing our winners last week and loved the excitement and anticipation the daily drawings were met with as the prizes kept getting bigger. The giveaways culminated with Clinton drawing the saddle winner on Monday. We’re sending out a big congratulations to our winners and a huge thank you to everyone in the Downunder Horsemanship community for your support over the years and for being part of making the horse world better for people and horses. Cheers!

Our 25th Anniversary Spectacular Winners:

Day 1 Drawing Winners:
#1: Tammy Skelton – Choice of Decal Set
#2: Jeff Lovato – Choice of Headwear
#3: Ed Pallotta Jr – Choice of Tee
#4: Cathy Burr – Choice of Fly Mask
#5: Renee Scheering – Shirt & Cap Combo

Day 2 Drawing Winners:
#6: Grace Strickler – Stainless Steel Tie Ring & No Worries Tying DVD
#7: Kelly Kelley – Deer Skin Gloves
#8: Isabella Sponable – Choice of Halter
#9: Stacy Clark – Signed Collector’s Edition Philosophy Book
#10: Debbie Anderson – Choice of Hoodie

Day 3 Drawing Winners:
#11: Sara Mostyn – $75 DUH Gift Card
#12: Holly Harris – 16oz UltraCruz Grooming Kit
#13: Gina Stewart – Choice of Handy Stick & String
#14: Eva Jones – Choice of Soft Shell Jacket
#15: Bryon Goody – Choice of Long Line

Day 4 Drawing Winners:
#16: Nicki Pitts – Choice of Legacy Boots
#17: Dave Glade – Choice of Halter & Lead Rope Set
#18: Jody Elliott – Choice of Mecate Reins & Slobber Straps
#19: Emily McNeely – Choice of Training Essentials Bundle
#20: Sue Shivers – Choice of Leg Protection Bundle

Day 5 Drawing Winners:
#21: Carolyn Hattam – Foam or Felt PRS Pad
#22: Susan Boomgaard-Rasch – Choice of Mecate Set
#23: Janet Beverly – 1 year of Premium NWC Membership
#24: Willamina Johnson – Choice of Digital Download

Saddle Drawing Winner:
#25: Tami Domescik-Rink