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by Downunder Horsemanship

Which Reins are Best for You and Your Horse?

When it comes to selecting tack and training equipment for his horses, Clinton is adamant about investing in quality products. He carries that same belief over into the products he offers for sale, ensuring each piece passes his expectations for quality and performance.

All of the Downunder Horsemanship reins are hand crafted at the ranch in Stephenville, Texas and built out of high-quality marine yachting rope. The rope is durable, holds up to heavy training sessions and doesn’t get slick when wet. The end result is a soft, pliable rein that feels perfectly weighted in your hands.

Downunder Horsemanship currently offers three types of reins, each designed to help you excel at specific points in your horsemanship journey or in a desired discipline.


Mecate Reins

What Sets Them Apart: This must-have tool provides easy-to-adjust loop reins as well as a built-in lead rope you can use to tie your horse up or work him from the ground.

Specs: The 22-foot reins attach to the bit with the use of slobber straps, which work together to provide immediate relief from pressure to the horse. The lead rope end of the reins is weighted so that you can use it to encourage your horse to move his feet under saddle and while working with him on the ground.

Best Use: For building a horse’s foundation in the arena and for trail riding. If you’re riding and you need to correct a problem from the ground, you can easily dismount and gain control with the built-in lead rope. You can also use the reins to safely tie your horse up without the use of a halter and lead rope.


Performance Horse Reins  

What Sets Them Apart: The reins feature a thinner diameter than the mecate reins to offer lighter contact and more precise cues.

Specs: The reins are 9 feet in length and attach to the bit via performance horse slobber straps, specifically designed to best accommodate the reins’ smaller diameter.

Best Use: When you and your horse have a solid understanding of the exercises in the Method and you’re ready to finesse your horsemanship and feel as a rider. The reins encourage a feather-light touch.


Trick Reins 

What Sets Them Apart: There are no magic tools when it comes to training horses. However, there are tools that will make your job a lot easier and help minimize frustration for both you and your horse. When Clinton began teaching his horses tricks, he tested several versions of the Trick Reins before finding the perfect product. The reins offer just the right amount of slack to effectively communicate with your horse.

Specs: The 8-foot reins are the same diameter as the mecate reins and attach to the bit with slobber straps.

Best Use: If you’re following Clinton’s Trick Training Kit, you’ll need a set of the reins to teach your horse the lessons. Clinton uses a bridle with these reins because it offers more leverage than a halter does, especially when teaching tricks such as the Lay Down, where the horse is most likely to be resistant initially.