You Don’t Know Jack

Clinton Anderson is a professional horse trainer from Downunder Horsemanship. Over the years, he’s developed a tried-and-true method for training horses, regardless of their pasts. Join him on his weekly endeavors as he tackles some of the most challenging situations with problem horses, and problem owners. This week, we’ll watch as Clinton works with Katie and Pat to address their horse Jack’s behavioral issues.
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Jack is easily frightened and spooked. He’s nervous and shows signs of fear to a point where Katie and Pat are uncomfortable being around him. They don’t want to get rid of Jack, but aren’t sure how to deal with his fear and trust issues. In conjunction, they want to learn how to be more confident leaders so that they can safely ride Jack. Currently, they have troubles de-worming and blanketing Jack to a point where he gets spooked when they just approach him and reach their hands out to touch him. Pat usually can’t even catch Jack to try to ride him. Katie has a much stronger relationship with Jack, but they still need work. Clinton advises them that the first thing they need to do is to change how they approach Jack. They need to approach him in a calm, relaxed, and passive way to show him that they’re not a threat. This alone will lead to a massive difference in behavior.
Next, Clinton advises Katie and Pat how to desensitize Jack to their training tools. He has them begin with desensitizing Jack to the stick and string, starting by spanking the ground with rhythm and in a big circular motion near Jack. Jack gains confidence and he becomes calm and relaxed. This exercise helps Jack to understand that he has no reason to be scared, despite loud noises and events happening around him—his owners aren’t going to hurt him. As they work with Jack more on the ground, they start to gain his respect and trust. Once you gain a horse’s respect, problems go completely away or get easier to handle.
Next, they move on to blanketing Jack. Clinton uses the Approach and Retreat Method to introduce the blanket to Jack, having him first smell and investigate the blanket and then asking Pat and Katie to approach Jack with the blanket and then follow him if he reacts and starts to move back, away from the blanket. Using the Approach and Retreat Method, they build Jack’s confidence in the blanket. Then, Clinton has them rub Jack’s shoulder with the blanket and continue approaching him with the blanket until they can put it on him. The goal is to teach Jack to stop using the reactive side of his brain and instead use the thinking side. This process needs to be continually worked to help further the bond between Jack and Katie, but tremendous progress was made in only one day. The next step is getting the Clinton Anderson Fundamentals and working the Method, so they can get Jack in even better shape.
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