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Clinton Anderson Signature Horses

Clinton Anderson Signature Horses
April 18, 2017

Clinton’s Guarantee

Shopping for a new horse often turns into a dreaded process that leaves buyers trying to stay one step ahead of dishonest sellers. And when you do finally settle on a horse and get him home, you’d better hope he was everything you wanted, because that seller who was Johnny on the Spot to answer […]

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Clinton Anderson Signature Horses
January 17, 2017

A Horse Selected by Clinton

When Clinton sends a Signature Horse home with an owner, he does so with confidence, knowing that the Signature Horse is the perfect fit for the new owner. The horses Clinton selects to be in his Signature Horse program are all good-minded, have a quiet demeanor, have good conformation and are willing, safe partners. The […]

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Clinton Anderson Signature Horses
December 6, 2016

A Horse You Won’t Outgrow

Clinton is a firm believer that horses teach people and then people teach horses – in that order. That’s why it’s so important that at each point in your horsemanship journey you’re matched with a horse that will build your confidence, make you a better horseman and help you meet your goals. Traveling the country […]

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Clinton Anderson Signature Horses
August 23, 2016

The Horse You’re Dreaming Of

Clinton has mastered the craft of matching horses with people to create safe and enjoyable partnerships. Horsemen who partner with one of Clinton’s Signature Horses appreciate the horse’s willingness and phenomenal training as well as the support Clinton provides for the life of the horse. The secret to Clinton’s match-making success is only selecting horses […]

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Clinton Anderson Signature Horses Downunder Horsemanship - General
February 9, 2016

Lease a Signature Horse

What could be better than training your personal horse at the ranch? How about leasing one of Clinton’s phenomenally trained horses to boost your skills as a horseman? Clinton’s Signature Horses know the Method inside and out and excel in the arena and on the trail and can handle any challenge on the obstacle course. […]

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