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Method Ambassadors

Method Ambassadors
November 29, 2016

Meet Method Ambassador Shannon Pigott

When it comes to horsemanship, Method Ambassador Shannon Pigott never stops finding ways to add to her knowledge and skill set, which is exactly what led her to the Academy. While the Texas horsewoman rode for a few years as a kid, it wasn’t until 2013 that she truly got involved with horses. That year, […]

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Method Ambassadors
November 22, 2016

Meet Method Ambassador Aimee Rioux

You know that daredevil kid who can ride the hair off any horse? That was Method Ambassador Aimee Rioux growing up at the hunter/jumper barns where she rode as a kid. “It’s amazing to think back to some of the things I did and wonder how I survived,” Aimee says. Both Aimee’s mother and sister […]

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Method Ambassadors
November 15, 2016

Meet Method Ambassador Shaley Jackson

From the start of her horsemanship journey, Method Ambassador Shaley Jackson ran barrels, at first locally and then on a more competitive level. “By the time I was 10, I was serious about competing and attended shows every weekend,” Shaley says. Horses that compete in speed events are often hot-blooded and reactive, and Shaley’s horses […]

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Method Ambassadors
November 1, 2016

Connie Harris Sharing the Method in Colorado

When it comes to horsemanship, Method Ambassador Connie Harris has tried her hand at a little bit of everything. Western and English pleasure, trail, gymkhana, eventing, dressage, hunter/jumper, mountain trail – she’s done it all. At the age of 6, she and her father left Florida and traveled west to Texas. When her father remarried, […]

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Method Ambassadors
October 25, 2016

Meet Method Ambassador Daniel Coggin

Thanks to his family’s interest in horses, Method Ambassador Daniel Coggin grew up learning horsemanship and honing his skills as a horseman. While other members of the Coggin family enjoy riding horses, it was evident early on that Daniel had a passion for learning as much as he could about how to train and work […]

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Method Ambassadors
October 18, 2016

Meet Method Ambassador Brittney Watts

Method Ambassador Brittney Watts’ horsemanship journey started on the back of a mule named Daisy May when she was 5 1/2 years old. “I’ve always loved anything and everything to do with horses. When I was 9, I got my first horse, Jewl, and did 4-H for 10 years,” she says. “Although my parents weren’t […]

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Method Ambassadors
October 11, 2016

Meet Method Ambassador Kurstyn Adams

Method Ambassador Kurstyn Adams’ horsemanship journey started when she attended a summer riding camp at the age of 9. “At the end of camp, I cried because I couldn’t take the horse I rode home with me,” Kurstyn says. “A couple of weeks later, my parents put up a fence on our property and bought […]

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Method Ambassadors
October 4, 2016

Meet West Coast Method Ambassador Carlie Scarbery

Method Ambassador Carlie Scarbery is a lifelong horsewoman who is intent on helping horsemen near Willits, California achieve their horsemanship goals. Carlie’s parents had their daughter in the saddle when she was 2, and were adamant about exposing her to good horsemanship practices from the start of her horsemanship career. The Scarberys found the Method […]

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Method Ambassadors
September 27, 2016

California Method Ambassador Sharing her Knowledge and Passion

When Method Ambassador Janis Scott attended her first clinic with Clinton in 2002 in Ione, California, she had a lifetime of riding experience behind her. She was 11 when she got her first pony, by 16 she was riding and showing registered Morgans, she rode dressage through her late 30s and then picked up western […]

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Method Ambassadors
September 20, 2016

Meet Method Ambassador Alexandra Sparks

When Daphne, Alabama Method Ambassador Alexandra Sparks got her first horse, she made all of the mistakes experienced horsemen warn against. She and her mom decided to get a horse and found themselves in a pasture at a horse farm in Alabama. Alexandra selected Alamo, a blue roan colt who was just turning 2. “He […]

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