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Clinician Method Ambassadors
September 26, 2017

Find a Clinician or Method Ambassador Near You

Love the Method and dream of personalized help for you and your horse? Our clinicians and ambassadors are available to come to your barn! Trained and certified to teach the Method by Clinton, they offer help with specific exercises or issues you’re having with your horse and have the knowledge and expertise to coach you […]

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Method Ambassadors
September 12, 2017

Meet Method Ambassador Cale Young

Method Ambassador Cale Young was raised just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, where horses were a part of his everyday life. His mother was a mounted police officer, and she encouraged Cale’s interest in horses. He grew up trail riding and went on to explore other disciplines, including hunter/jumpers, eventing and showing Paints in halter […]

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Method Ambassadors
September 5, 2017

Meet Method Ambassador Jacqueline Silva

Method Ambassador Jacqueline Silva grew up in the rolling hills of northwestern Pennsylvania running barrels and poles on her family’s horses. When she was 14, she was violently bucked off a horse and suffered a concussion. The experience caused her to stop riding and get out of horses altogether. Eight years ago, her mother, Roberta, […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 29, 2017

Meet Method Ambassador Tammra Minteer

Method Ambassador Tammra Minteer started her first horse when she was 39. “I did it the old cowboy way, where you do a little groundwork and then jump on,” the Wyoming horsewoman says. The filly she was working with bucked her off several times, but Tammra gamely dusted herself off and got back in the […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 22, 2017

Meet Method Ambassador Ely Meggitt

Method Ambassador Ely Meggitt grew up in Australia’s Northern Territory with a love for horses and a passion for learning horsemanship. As a young girl, she took riding lessons, learning both English and western disciplines. Ely had a natural ability with horses and progressed quickly. By the time she was a teenager, she was giving […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 15, 2017

Meet Method Ambassador Anna McCoy

Method Ambassador Anna McCoy learned to ride when she was 4 years old on a feisty pony named Duchess. She got her first horse, an Appaloosa mare named Spirit, at the age of 9. A week after becoming Spirit’s owner, the mare unexpectedly attacked Anna. The incident led the young horsewoman to Star K Farm, […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 8, 2017

Meet Method Ambassador Emily Hunter

Raised in picturesque Northern Virginia, across the road from her grandmother’s boarding stable, Method Ambassador Emily Hunter was in the saddle before she could walk and has ridden a variety of disciplines. She’s an avid trail rider, has ridden jumpers and taken eventing lessons and she’s competed on the AQHA and Arabian Association show circuits. […]

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Method Ambassadors
July 31, 2017

Meet Method Ambassador Becky Dockery

Method Ambassador Becky Dockery was born fascinated with horses and has always had them in her life. She was on the back of a horse before she could walk, was riding on her own at the age of 3 and trained her first horse when she was in the sixth grade. She grew up competing […]

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Method Ambassadors
July 25, 2017

Meet Method Ambassador Summer Davis

Method Ambassador Summer Davis learned to ride when she was 3 years old on a sassy Shetland Pony that taught her to develop a secure, independent seat. When she outgrew the pony, she graduated to riding her mother’s Arabian gelding, and began training her own horses when she was 12. Summer grew up trail riding, […]

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Method Ambassadors
July 18, 2017

Meet Method Ambassador Rick Badousek

Method Ambassador Rick Badousek grew up on his family’s farm in Nebraska and was given his first horse when he was 6 years old. The day that Rick’s father handed the horse over to him set Rick on a lifelong quest to be the best horseman he could be. His passion for studying horsemanship led […]

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