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Academy Method Ambassadors
February 20, 2024

Participation Spot Now Available in the 2024 Clinician Academy

If you thought you missed your chance to attend this year’s Clinician Academy to fine tune your horsemanship and learn skills that will set you apart in the equine industry, you’re in luck! Due to a scheduling conflict, we’ve got an open participation spot. The course will take place at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
January 30, 2024

Clinician Academy: Get In While You Can

We’re down to just a handful of open participation spots in the 2024 Clinician Academy. Throughout the course, horsemen will learn to refine their understanding and application of the exercises in the Fundamentals Series as well as learn the business practices that have built Downunder Horsemanship’s success. Horsemen attend the course to work toward becoming […]

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Clinician Downunder Horsemanship - General Method Ambassadors
January 16, 2024

Invest In Your Horsemanship This Year

If you want to perform advanced maneuvers with your horse, make sure you’ve got a great foundation in place. That’s advice you’ll get from any professional horseman, including Clinton. “Advanced maneuvers are nothing more than having your basics down really well,” Clinton says. “Once you’ve got that foundation laid by teaching your horse the exercises […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
December 5, 2023

What It Takes: Getting Into the Clinician Academy

While there are plenty of people who dream of attending the Academy in hopes of becoming Method Ambassadors, only a handful of horsemen have the grit to turn their dream into a reality. For many, finding the funds necessary to enroll in the course, cover living expenses for seven weeks and ensure that they have […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
October 17, 2023

Make Your Career Ambitions Come True in 2024

If you dream of a career where you get to share your passion for horsemanship and the Method all while helping other horsemen realize their goals, the Clinician Academy is for you. The seven-week course is dedicated to helping horsemen refine their understanding and application of the Fundamentals level of the Method and prepare them […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
September 26, 2023

2024 Clinician Academy Nearly Full

Each year, we welcome a group of passionate horsemen to the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch. The horsemen spend seven weeks in the Clinician Academy, learning the finer details of the Method and how to run a successful business modeled after Downunder Horsemanship. Our 2024 Clinician Academy is set to take place April 1 through May 17. […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 15, 2023

Colt Starting Certification Awarded to Method Ambassadors

Last week, nine Method Ambassadors earned colt starting certification and added a star to their titles. The horsemen participated in a 10-day Colt Starting Clinic taught by Professional Clinician Jeff Davis with assistance from Professional Clinician Shayla Smock and Method Ambassador Rick Badousek. Throughout the clinic, they were critiqued on their ability to start a […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 8, 2023

Meet Method Ambassador Kailey Perkins

Kailey was raised in southeastern Georgia and learned to ride from a family friend. By the time she was 7, she had a horse of her own and spent her childhood exploring the 400 acres of fields, orchards and riverbeds that made up her family’s farm. As a teenager, she took hunter/jumper lessons and dabbled […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 1, 2023

Meet Method Ambassador Steven Henderson

Steven grew up on his family’s farm on the East Coast of Australia. The Hendersons used horses to work their cattle and Steven was in the saddle at a young age. “I’d ride anything I could manage to get on.

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Method Ambassadors
July 25, 2023

Meet Method Ambassador Josue Celis

Josue was born in Mexico and came to the United States when he was 12. He discovered his passion for horses when he was in high school and took a part time job at a Thoroughbred racehorse breeding facility. Although he had no prior experience with horses, Josue immediately developed a connection and respect for […]

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