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Method Ambassadors

Method Ambassadors
September 15, 2020

New Method Ambassador Certification Level

In an effort to help customers make better informed decisions about the clinician or ambassador they send their horses to get trained to, Clinton has added an additional certification for Method Ambassadors. Moving forward, ambassadors who complete a colt starting course and receive a passing mark from Downunder Horsemanship will be certified to accept colts […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
July 21, 2020

Meet the 2020 Clinician Academy Students: Wendy Stillwagon

Wendy Stillwagon will be returning to the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in September to attend the Clinician Academy. The Texas horsewoman participated in a 10-day Intermediate Clinic a few years ago and is dedicated to improving her skill set. She shares why she’s passionate about the Method and what led her to enroll in the Academy. […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
July 14, 2020

Meet the 2020 Clinician Academy Students: Chase Tipton

Tennessee horseman Chase Tipton will be one of the students in attendance when the Clinician Academy gets underway at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in September. Chase was born into a family of horse lovers and grew up raising colts, trail riding and showing his family’s horses. Throughout his high school and college years, he worked […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
July 7, 2020

Meet the 2020 Clinician Academy Students: Abbey Pailthorpe

When the Clinician Academy gets underway at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in September, Abbey Pailthorpe will be among the horsemen in attendance. The Iowa horseman has been involved with horses from a young age and participated in horse club in her elementary and high school years. She shares why she’s passionate about the Method and […]

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Academy Horse Clinician Method Ambassadors
December 10, 2019

A Six-Week Training Course for Your Horse

The Academy Horse Program offers a beyond-compare training experience for horses with severe behavioral problems, colts that needed started under saddle and older horses that needed a tune up. While horses aren’t being accepted into training at the ranch, our Professional Clinicians and Method Ambassadors offer the same detailed program that produces safe, willing horses. […]

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Clinician Method Ambassadors
October 22, 2019

Where in the World are Our Clinicians?

Looking for a knowledgeable instructor to take lessons from or an instructor certified by Clinton to train your horse? Finding a Professional Clinician or Method Ambassador is as simple as heading to our Certified Clinician website and checking out the map feature. Type in your location to find the nearest certified instructor to you. Our […]

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Method Ambassadors
September 17, 2019

Meet Method Ambassador Sara Fadling

Watching a video of Clinton and his Australian Quarter Horse mare Mindy’s last liberty performance together drew Method Ambassador Sara Fadling into the Method. The northern California horsewoman had taken riding lessons since she was 4 and rode any and every horse that she could. “I lived and breathed horses and was at the barn […]

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Method Ambassadors
September 10, 2019

Meet Method Ambassador Ruth Holmes

A lifelong horsewoman, Method Ambassador Ruth Holmes can’t remember a time when she wasn’t passionate about riding and pursuing her horsemanship dreams. “I fell in love with horses when I was little and grew up riding my friends’ horses every chance I could,” Ruth says. For years, Ruth took lessons and was eager to learn […]

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Method Ambassadors
September 3, 2019

Meet Method Ambassador Mark Hernandez

No matter where life has taken Method Ambassador Mark Hernandez, horses have always been part of his journey. His family enjoyed riding horses and started him off with a Shetland pony when he was a young boy. By the time he was a teenager, Mark had moved on to galloping down polo fields. Over the […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 27, 2019

Meet Method Ambassador Dacoda Hiatt

Method Ambassador Dacoda Hiatt credits Clinton and the Method for teaching her how to be a strong leader and to train willing, safe horses. Although she always had an interest in horses, it wasn’t until she was 18 and in equine therapy that her passion for horsemanship became a serious focus. With little horsemanship experience […]

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