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Clinician Method Ambassadors
May 3, 2022

Find Downunder Horsemanship Clinics and Lessons in Your Area

Our Professional Clinicians and Method Ambassadors routinely teach horsemanship clinics and lessons. While some events are private, many clinics are open to public participants and welcome spectators. To make it easier to find horsemanship events taking place in your area, we’ve added a map with event locations to the “schedule” page on the clinician website. […]

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Clinician Method Ambassadors
February 22, 2022

Certified Instructors’ Schedules Booking Up

With spring just around the corner, our Professional Clinicians and Method Ambassadors are filling up their schedules with private lessons and clinics. While Method Ambassadors teach lessons and clinics that focus on the Fundamentals level of the Method, Professional Clinicians teach all facets of the Method from Fundamentals through Advanced. While the Method training videos […]

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Clinician Method Ambassadors
July 6, 2021

Gain the Right Experience

Great horsemen have three things in common: excellent feel, great timing and extensive experience working with horses and studying horsemanship. “The only way to develop feel and timing is through experience. The more horses you ride, the more clinics you go to, the more videos you watch, and the more books you read, the more […]

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Clinician Method Ambassadors
June 8, 2021

Schedules Filling Up

After a year off the road due to the pandemic, our Professional Clinicians and Method Ambassadors are back to booking clinics and private lessons to share the Method and help horse owners develop better partnerships with their horses. Learn all about our clinicians and ambassadors on our website. By using the map feature, you […]

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March 16, 2021

Professional Clinicians Teaming Up to Bring You the Method

There’s no better way to learn the Method and build a better connection with your horse than by getting hands-on help from a qualified instructor. Jeff Davis and Shayla Smock, veteran Professional Clinicians, are teaming up to put on several clinics to help horsemen do just that. So far, the duo has clinics scheduled in […]

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Clinician Method Ambassadors
January 26, 2021

Better Your Performance

If you want to perform advanced maneuvers with your horse, make sure you’ve got a great foundation in place. That’s advice you’ll get from any professional horseman, including Clinton. “Advanced maneuvers are nothing more than having your basics down really well,” Clinton says. “Once you’ve got that foundation laid by teaching your horse the exercises […]

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Clinician Method Ambassadors
December 1, 2020

Looking for a Trainer? Trust Our Clinicians and Ambassadors

Downunder Horsemanship offers a beyond-compare training program for problem horses, colts that need started under saddle and older horses needing a tune up. Our Professional Clinicians and Method Ambassadors train horses for the public when they’re off the road from teaching lessons and clinics. While Method Ambassadors specialize in taking the horses through the Fundamentals […]

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Clinician Method Ambassadors
October 20, 2020

Find a Clinician or Ambassador Near You

Looking for a knowledgeable instructor to take lessons from or an instructor certified by Clinton to train your horse? It’s now easier than ever before to find a Professional Clinician or Method Ambassador! Head over to our website and click on the “map” tab at the top of the page. You’ll be able to type […]

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Clinician Downunder Horsemanship - General
August 4, 2020

Welcome Home, Diego!

Professional Clinician Diego Gaona is back at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch busy training horses and teaching lessons. The standout horseman received his Professional Certification in 2015, and while he continued to help horsemen reach their goals with the Method, he also concentrated on training reining horses. “When Diego told me that he wanted to focus […]

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Academy Horse Clinician
April 7, 2020

Limited Opportunity to Get Your Horse Trained at the Ranch

Professional Clinicians Jeff Davis and Shayla Smock are accepting a limited number of horses to train at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Stephenville, Texas. The clinicians are usually on the road teaching clinics and private lessons, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they aren’t able to travel and now have time to train horses for […]

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