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May 30, 2023

2024 Clinician Academy Dates Set

You’ve been asking, and we’ve finally got the dates set for next year’s Clinician Academy! The seven-week course will begin on April 1st and conclude on May 17th. Next year, we’re holding only one course and it will be limited to 10 horsemen.

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Academy Method Ambassadors
May 23, 2023

Join Us in Celebrating Our Newest Method Ambassadors

Horsemen enrolled in our Clinician Academy were tested by Clinton last week and those who received passing marks earned their Method Ambassador titles. On Wednesday, we held a ceremony to celebrate their hard work and recognize those joining the Downunder Horsemanship team. In all, six horsemen successfully completed the course, where they learned to fine-tune […]

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Academy No Worries Club
May 9, 2023

Horsemen Enter Their Final Week of Study at the Ranch

The horsemen enrolled in the spring session of the Clinician Academy are in their last week of study at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch. Over the past several weeks, they’ve been hard at work learning to refine their understanding and application of the Fundamentals level of the Method. Professional Clinician Kristin Hamacher teaches the class, working […]

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Academy Clinician Method Ambassadors
April 25, 2023

Clinton Answers Your Clinician Academy Questions

With so many horsemen around the world passionate about the Method, establishing a career teaching people and training horses using Clinton’s training approach has become popular. In fact, our office receives questions daily about the Clinician Academy and what a career with Downunder Horsemanship entails. So Clinton decided to sit down and take time to […]

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March 28, 2023

The Spring Clinician Academy Course Starts Monday

This weekend, a group of dedicated horsemen will arrive at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Arkansas to get settled in and prepared for our spring Clinician Academy. On Monday morning, they’ll be officially welcomed to the ranch by Clinton and Professional Clinician Kristin Hamacher in an orientation meeting. After the meeting, the class will get […]

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February 28, 2023

Ready to Pursue Your Dream Career?

I knew I made the right decision to become an Ambassador when I was teaching one of my first clinics. I could tell one of the clients had some confidence issues loping her horse, so she asked me to lope the horse for her during the Cruising Lesson. The horse did fine, and I had […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
November 22, 2022

Congratulations to Our Newest Method Ambassadors

Last week, five horsemen successfully completed the Clinton Anderson Clinician Academy and received certification as Method Ambassadors. We welcomed them to the team at a certification ceremony on Wednesday evening. The horsemen spent seven weeks at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch fine-tuning the Fundamentals level of the Method and being tested over their knowledge and skill […]

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October 4, 2022

Fall Clinician Academy Underway

Horsemen attending the fall session of the Clinician Academy began arriving at the ranch on Saturday and finished moving in on Sunday. Monday morning, they were officially welcomed to the Academy by Clinton and Professional Clinician Kristin Hamacher, who is teaching the course. After the orientation meeting, Kristin got the class busy training their horses. […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
August 9, 2022

Great Progress Being Made in the Colt Starting Clinic

The Colt Starting Clinic taking place at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Farmington, Arkansas for Method Ambassadors is progressing well. Professional Clinician Jeff Davis is leading a group of 10 ambassadors who are each starting two horses. The horses were saddled for the first time last Tuesday and received their first ride on Thursday. Between […]

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August 9, 2022

2023 Spring Clinician Academy Filled

The spring session of next year’s Clinician Academy was fully booked as of last Friday. The Academy is for horsemen who are passionate about the Method and want to establish a career as a Method Ambassador or just want to further their horsemanship knowledge for their personal benefit. Throughout the course, horsemen train two of […]

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