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Method Ambassadors

Method Ambassadors
September 6, 2016

Montana Method Ambassador

Faith Stevenson was born into a family of horsemen and knew at the age of 8 that she wanted to be a horse trainer. Her parents own and operate an Angus cattle ranch in Montana and horses are used for daily tasks. Growing up in the environment, Faith was in the saddle daily and was […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 30, 2016

Meet our Newest Method Ambassadors

Thirteen talented horsemen graduated the Clinician Academy this month as Method Ambassadors and are excited to help horse owners achieve their horsemanship dreams! The individuals completed nine weeks of intense, hands-on learning at the ranch and were tested in-depth over their knowledge of the Method. The Ambassadors are located throughout the United States and Australia […]

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Method Ambassadors
August 2, 2016

Congratulations, Method Ambassadors!

The 2016 class of Method Ambassadors graduate this evening, and Clinton couldn’t be prouder of the class’ accomplishment and passion to share the Method. The Ambassadors spent the last eight weeks at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch living and breathing the Method alongside Clinton to fine-tune their knowledge of the Fundamentals and increase their skillset training […]

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Academy Method Ambassadors
July 26, 2016

Finals Week for Method Ambassadors

The 2016 class of Method Ambassadors has entered its final week of study at the ranch! The horsemen in the class have spent the last eight weeks living and breathing the Method and adding to their knowledge and skillset. At the beginning of next week, the students will be tested in a practical exam with […]

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Method Ambassadors
June 7, 2016

Shaking Off the “That’s Good Enough” Mindset

“I’d like to let Clinton know that I recently had a private lesson in northern California with [Method Ambassador] Shelbi McNeil. She was so professional and capable that I’ve been recommending her and singing her praises to everyone I know in and out of the horse world! Shelbi was poised, confident, personable, talented and fun […]

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Method Ambassadors
May 24, 2016

Our Experience With a Method Ambassador

Tom and I moved our two horses from Houston to Colorado this past summer. Due to thrush and other medical problems, we were unable to ride them for an extended period. In November, we bought some property and moved the horses into their new home.

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Method Ambassadors
May 17, 2016

Meet Our Ohio Method Ambassador

Kayla Schlabach grew up riding ponies and horses, and got her first pony at age 13. Although the cantankerous pony bucked her off and dodged into trees to unseat her, Kayla kept climbing back up in the saddle. From the pony, she graduated to an ex-racehorse that came with his share of quirks. “That’s when […]

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Method Ambassadors
May 3, 2016

Nevada Horsewoman Helping Others Excel

The results Method Ambassador Sarah Szymkiewicz achieved using the Method to solve her horse’s bolting issue fueled her passion for horse training, which spilled over to helping other people learn how to better work with their horses. “I’ve always wanted to train horses, and after my years spent in lesson barns, I realized early on […]

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Method Ambassadors
April 19, 2016

Ambassador Helping Youth Get the Right Start

Ashley Anderson was introduced to horses at a young age and knows from her own experience of trial and error how important having the right knowledge can be to safely enjoy our equine partners. That’s why an important focus of her lesson program based in Texas is to introduce kids to horsemanship by using the […]

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Method Ambassadors
April 12, 2016

Florida Ambassador Helping Horsemen

When Miranda Stalnaker graduated the Clinician Academy as a Method Ambassador, her goal was to help as many horsemen learn to have a better partnership with their horses as she could. The Baker, Florida resident has worked nonstop to accomplish that dream and continues to introduce the Method to horsemen in her area. Miranda is […]

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