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Training Tips

Training Tips
March 19, 2019

Training Tip: Desensitize Your Colt to the Bit

Before putting a bit in a colt’s mouth for the first time, desensitize him to it to take away any defensiveness he might have about the new piece of equipment. The biggest mistake people make when trying to put the bridle on for the first time is a lack of preparation. Too often, the colt […]

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Training Tips
March 12, 2019

Training Tip: Ask Clinton: Horse is Afraid of Clippers

Q: My 6-year-old Quarter Horse is afraid of the clippers by his ears. How do I teach him to accept the clippers and let me clip his ears? – desalenatallman2002 A: You’ll use the Approach and Retreat Method to desensitize your horse to first your bare hands moving around his head and then to the […]

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Training Tips
March 5, 2019

Training Tip: Don’t Overextend Your Horse

When you’re working with a horse that is brimming with natural ability you have to constantly remind yourself not to push the horse too much. It’s easy to do. Because the horse is making so much progress and catches on to lessons so quickly, it’s easy to fall into the trap of continuing to ask […]

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Training Tips
February 26, 2019

Training Tip: Be a Detective: How are Your Horse’s Mental and Physical Health?

Every time you work with your horse, you should act like a detective, trying to figure out where your horse has any holes in his foundation. One question you should ask yourself during each training session is: How is my horse’s mental and physical health? A good horseman keeps a constant eye on his horse’s […]

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Training Tips
February 19, 2019

Training Tip: Don’t Bore Your Horse To Death

Once your horse understands an exercise, it’s important to move on. There’s nothing horses hate more than being forced to do the same exercise every single day. Humans are the same.

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Training Tips
February 12, 2019

Ask Clinton: Kicking Out at Other Horses

Q: I have just started fox hunting on my green mare, and when another horse and rider come up beside her, she kicks out at them. One trainer says ignore it as the mare is green and another says smack her hard. Your opinion, please!

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Training Tips
February 5, 2019

Ask Clinton: Building Trust With a Horse After a Riding Accident

Q: Since I fell off him, my horse and I have been having trust issues. He has become really spooky. Is there a way I can build up his trust again?

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Training Tips
January 29, 2019

Training Tip: Routinely Introduce Spooky Objects to Your Horse

One of the best things you can do to build your horse’s confidence on the trail is to introduce him to as many spooky objects as you can. I have a junkyard of sorts on the ranch where I store discarded machinery parts and other items around the ranch, such as old hay feeders, Ritchie […]

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Training Tips
January 22, 2019

Ask Clinton: Making Time for Horses

Q: How do I fit my horse into my busy schedule? I work 10-hour shifts, often doing additional work after hours. On my days off, I often find myself catching up on things I could not do during the work week, such as basic house/yard work. I board my horse as well, making it all […]

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Training Tips
January 15, 2019

Training Tip: Check In With Your Horse to Prevent Bolting

One of the best ways to deter a horse from bolting or doing any other dangerous behavior on the trail is to check in with him every once in a while by asking him to move his feet and soften his body. As you’re walking down the trail, ask him to two-track or sidepass. Do […]

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