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Training Tips

Training Tips
May 28, 2024

Training Tip: Horse Bolts During Lunging

Question: I have a 5-year-old Mustang mare that was unhandled until last fall when I got her. We are working on the Fundamentals. Things were going great in the roundpen, so I decided to start lunging on the lunge line outside of the roundpen in my unfenced arena. The problem I’m having is the mare […]

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Training Tips
May 14, 2024

Training Tip: Horse is Terrorizing Other Horses

Question: Our rescue currently has 16 horses on site that live in paddocks in groups of twos and threes. Thomas lives alone because he doesn’t get along with other horses. He is a 15-year-old Percheron mix gelding and is about 16 hands. Here is what happens when we try turning him out with a new […]

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Training Tips
May 7, 2024

Training Tip: Horses That Paw and Get Antsy In Cross-Ties

Horses that paw in cross-ties or constantly fidget – twisting their bodies from side to side and biting on the ropes – generally do so because they have an abundance of energy. Usually, it’s the horse that was brought out of the stall and put in the cross-ties so that his owner can groom him […]

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Training Tips
April 30, 2024

Training Tip: What to Do When a Horse Won’t Move Forward

Question: I just recently picked up a yearling filly from a reservation near me. When one of my more experienced friends goes to roundpen her, she moves away and does it perfectly. When I am trying to do it, I do the “point, cluck and spank” to get her to move, but she does not […]

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Training Tips
April 16, 2024

Training Tip: Horse Locks Up His Feet and Won’t Lead

Question: When I ask my horse to walk off, say to start working or anything he doesn’t want to do, he plants his feet and refuses to move. I’ve tried pulling him along, turning to face him and letting him follow the feel of a loose rope, which only ever works for a couple of […]

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Training Tips
April 9, 2024

Training Tip: Jog to Counterbend Warm-Up

The first 10 minutes I get on a horse, I focus on nothing but seeing where the horse is at for the day and working on making sure he’s soft, supple and relaxed. There’s not a whole lot you can accomplish with a horse when he’s not mentally or physically prepared for a lesson. A […]

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Training Tips
April 2, 2024

Training Tip: Horse Refuses to Trot or Lope

Question: My horse is amazing on the ground and while riding until it comes to trotting or loping. She’ll crow hop and jump around with her ears laid back. She doesn’t try to bite, and she’s never been aggressive towards me. I’ve tried strengthening groundwork and that helped, but she’s started back up and it’s […]

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Training Tips
March 26, 2024

Training Tip: Gain Experience By Riding a Variety of Horses

If you have a desire to be a great horseman, I encourage you to ride not only as many horses as you can, but a variety of horses. The more horses you ride, the more practice you get in the saddle. However, if you don’t ride a variety of horses, you run the risk of […]

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Training Tips
March 12, 2024

Training Tip: Draft Mare Is Not Flexing Well

Question: I have a 6-year-old draft mare that was broke by being used to pack and never learned the basics. I have been working with her, but she constantly fights me on flexing and getting soft. Do you have any small pointers that may help me loosen her up and get her to respond better […]

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Training Tips
March 5, 2024

Training Tip: Functional Conformation

When I first came to the United States and was getting involved in the reining industry, Doug Carpenter’s name kept coming up in conversations. I wanted to know how people were finding their top-level reiners, and nearly everyone I talked to told me they worked with Doug Carpenter. It seemed that the Oklahoma horseman had […]

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