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Training Tips

Training Tips
November 12, 2019

Training Tip: Herd Size Matters When Introducing a New Horse

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when introducing a new horse to the herd is putting too many horses in too small of a space. It’s only natural when a new horse is introduced to the herd that there will be some change in the pecking order, and the horses in the […]

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Training Tips
November 5, 2019

Training Tip: The Importance of Collection

Collection is important in order for your horse to do any sort of maneuver well. True collection—not forcing a horse’s body into a specific frame—begins with a horse’s hindquarters. In order for a horse to collect, he has to have impulsion, meaning that he’s working off his hindquarters. When a horse moves with impulsion, he […]

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Training Tips
October 29, 2019

Training Tip: Foundation is Everything

Foundation is everything. You don’t appreciate a good foundation until you don’t have it. Think about that.

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Training Tips
October 22, 2019

Training Tip: Forward Motion is Established on the Ground

Although it may seem odd, your horse’s responsiveness when you ask him to move forward under saddle (his gas pedal) is established on the ground, beginning with the roundpen exercises. At Fundamentals Clinics, we begin by working with every participant and their horse in the roundpen. I can tell by the way the horses react […]

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Training Tips
October 15, 2019

Training Tip: Your First Horse Should Build Your Confidence

Everybody’s first horse should be a 23-year-old, one-eyed, crippled, ugly gelding. Think about the mental picture you get when you read that description. I think of an old ranch gelding that’s safe, quiet and has lots of miles under his feet.

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Training Tips
October 8, 2019

Training Tip: Can Groundwork and Riding Exercises be Done at the Same Time?

I often get asked if when teaching a horse the Fundamentals can you work on the groundwork and riding exercises at the same time? People often wonder if it’s better to teach all of the groundwork exercises first, and then start to work on the riding exercises. At the ranch, when we get horses in […]

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Training Tips
October 1, 2019

Training Tip: What to do When Your Horse Ignores a One Rein Stop

Here’s a scenario that’s common for a lot of riders: They’re riding their horse on the trail and the horse spooks and takes off. When they do a One Rein Stop to regain control of the situation, the horse bends his head to the side, but keeps running sideways. When you do a One Rein […]

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Training Tips
September 24, 2019

Training Tip: Judging Experience vs. Ability With Horses

When people tell me how long they’ve been riding or working with horses in general, I put no stock in it. I form my opinion of their ability when I see them ride and interact with a horse. You may be 65 and have been riding horses since you were 4, but if you can’t […]

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Training Tips
September 17, 2019

Training Tip: Why all Riders Need to be Confident Riding the Walk, Trot and Lope

I stress the importance of being a confident rider at all three gaits – walk, trot and lope – because if you’re only comfortable at the walk and trot and never lope your horse, you’re setting yourself up to fail. If you can’t lope your horse confidently and you take him out on the trail […]

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Training Tips
September 10, 2019

Training Tip: Stop Your Horse From Walking Off

When you first get in the saddle, don’t immediately go somewhere. Instead, spend a few minutes flexing the horse’s head from side to side. This not only reminds the horse to be soft, but it’s also a great way to remind him that when you get in the saddle, it’s not his cue to immediately […]

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