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Training Tips

Training Tips
March 2, 2021

Training Tip: Rollbacks on the Fence Can Improve Your Horse’s Steering

The more changes of direction you can do with a horse, the better your steering gets. Rollbacks next to the fence work great on horses that have limited steering and work off their front ends. Normally, if your horse is kind of stiff and heavy and not very well-trained, when you turn left, he’s not […]

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Training Tips
February 16, 2021

Training Tip: Horse Runs Backwards When Doing the Sending Exercise

Question: My horse has gotten into the habit of running backwards as soon as she passes by me and yields her hindquarters while doing the Sending Exercise. How do I fix this? – maxcarp Clinton’s Answer: When she runs backwards, go with her. Point up in the air in the direction you want her to […]

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Training Tips
February 9, 2021

Training Tip: Using Draw Reins

Question: Do you ever use draw reins on your performance horses? I’ve seen them used a few times at my barn, and would like to hear your opinion. – sarahdtjt Clinton’s Answer: I don’t use draw reins often, but I do use them from time to time. When I do use them, it’s generally in […]

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Training Tips
February 2, 2021

Training Tip: Rescue Horse Misbehaving

Question: I have a 4-year-old Quarter Horse/Arab cross I was given for free and was told he was only a little green. Later, I found out that he has been on a dogger’s truck two times, so really I know nothing about his backstory. He is starting to rear up, and the farrier won’t touch […]

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Training Tips
January 26, 2021

Training Tip: Horse Terrorizes Other Horses in Turnout

Question: Our rescue currently has 16 horses on site that live in paddocks in groups of twos and threes. Thomas lives alone because he doesn’t get along with other horses. He is a 15-year-old Percheron mix gelding, about 16 hands. Here is what happens when we try turning him out with a new potential pasture […]

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Training Tips
January 19, 2021

Training Tip: Horse Won’t Move Forward in Roundpen

Question: I just recently picked up a filly from a reservation near me. When one of my more experienced friends goes to roundpen her, she moves away and does it perfectly. When I am trying to do it, I do the “point, cluck and spank” to get her to move, but she does not move, […]

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Training Tips
January 12, 2021

Training Tip: Horse Bolts While Being Lunged

Question: I have a 5-year-old Mustang mare that was unhandled until last fall when I got her. We are working on the Fundamentals. Things were going great in the roundpen, so I decided to start lunging on the lunge line outside of the roundpen in my unfenced arena. The problem I’m having is the mare […]

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Training Tips
January 5, 2021

Training Tip: A Bit or Hackamore?

Q: I’m ready to start riding my horse. Should I use a bit to begin with or do you recommend I use a hackamore? – Kathy C.  A: I like to ride all of my colts in a hackamore during their first 10 to 15 rides because it gives them a chance to learn how […]

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Training Tips
December 29, 2020

Training Tip: Have a Plan for When Your Horse Spooks

From time to time, your horse is going to spook at objects on the trail. Having a fail-safe approach to handling a spook and remaining in control of the situation will make the incident a minor inconvenience rather than a ride-ruiner and will provide an opportunity to train your horse and make him a better […]

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Training Tips
December 22, 2020

Training Tip: Horses That Check Out at Competition

Horses are smart enough to know when they can chump us and when they can’t. For example, more than likely, if your horse spooked at an object when you were riding him at home, you’d immediately correct him and solve the problem. However, when we’re at a show and we’re being judged, most of us […]

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