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Training Tips

Training Tips
January 31, 2023

Training Tip: Training a Paso Fino Horse

Question: What recommendation can you give me to work with a Paso Fino horse? Answer: When we take horses in for training, we treat them all the same. All horses need the same basic foundation, which is covered in the Fundamentals Series and progresses through the Intermediate and Advanced Series. Once a horse is trained […]

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Training Tips
January 24, 2023

Training Tip: Get Out of the Concept Stage of Training With Your Horse

Once your horse understands what you’re asking of him, enter the “do it now” stage of training. When you first teach a horse something, it’s called the concept lesson. In the concept lesson, your goal is to get the general idea of the lesson across to the horse. For example, if you’re teaching your horse […]

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Training Tips
January 17, 2023

Training Tip: Don’t Hang Out in a Shade of Gray With Your Horse

Be black or white with your horse. He’s either responding correctly or he’s not. Don’t be wishy-washy with him or inconsistent about what you consider acceptable and unacceptable.

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Training Tips
January 10, 2023

Training Tip: Get Quick About Reading What Your Horse Needs in the Moment

Good horsemen are always reading their horses and making adjustments according to what the horse needs to succeed in any particular moment. This tip has two parts to it. The first part is for people who go into training sessions fixated on working on one or two particular exercises and focus solely on the exercise […]

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Downunder Horsemanship - General Training Tips
December 27, 2022

Step-By-Step Directions to a Safe First Saddling

When it comes to ensuring a good start for a horse that sets the foundation for a successful career, how the first saddling goes is vital. If done correctly, it builds the horse’s confidence and sets him up for a successful career. If things go wrong, it can set his progress back a lot. “Plus,” […]

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Training Tips
December 20, 2022

Training Tip: Build Your Horse’s Foundation at Home

When you change environments with your horse, meaning you take him to a new arena, haul him to a horse show or take him to a trail—anywhere you don’t normally ride him—you change horses. While your horse may be calm, quiet and obedient in your normal riding environment, when you take him away from home, […]

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Training Tips
December 13, 2022

Training Tip: Practice Builds Confidence at the Canter

If your confidence abandons you when it comes to cantering, don’t fear! You’re not alone and your feelings are completely normal. I was leery of cantering when I first started riding horses, too.

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Training Tips
December 6, 2022

Training Tip: Can You Teach an Older Horse to Neck Rein?

Question: I have a 13-year-old gelding that I am wondering about teaching to neck rein. He has been direct reined all his life. Do you think it is too late to teach him?

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Training Tips
November 29, 2022

Training Tip: Canter With Confidence: Get Experienced Help

It takes consistent practice to get comfortable riding your horse and gain confidence in the saddle. However, it’s important you’re paired with the right horse, meaning the horse is well-trained and wants to help you learn. This tip in our cantering with confidence series is all about not being afraid to ask for help if […]

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Training Tips
November 22, 2022

Training Tip: Horse is Losing Forward Motion When Doing Bending Transitions

Question: I’ve finished the Fundamentals and am working on the Intermediate level with my horse. When doing Bending Transitions, when I sit back in the saddle at any gait, she stops immediately. How do I get her to keep the forward movement during the transition without confusing her or teaching her not to stop off […]

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