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Training Tips

Training Tips
February 13, 2018

Training Tip: Don’t Get Blinded by Color

Color has absolutely no effect on how suitable a horse is for you. Color won’t save you from getting bucked off. It doesn’t stop the horse from rearing and bolting.

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Training Tips
February 6, 2018

Training Tip: Ask Clinton: Teaching a Horse to Crave the Trailer

Q: My daughter’s pony won’t go in the trailer unless one of her buddies is in it. When we try to load her by herself, she rears and refuses to go in. What can we do?

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Training Tips
January 30, 2018

Training Tip: How Well a Horse Lopes Speaks Volumes About His Training

Nothing will rat a horse out about his level of training better than loping. Most horses will walk and trot reasonably well, without putting up much of a fuss, but when you ask them to step up to the lope, their true colors come out. If the horse is disrespectful and lazy, he’ll ignore your […]

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Training Tips
January 23, 2018

Training Tip: Ask Clinton: Letting Others Ride Your Horse

Q: A client of mine is a novice rider and has an ex-barrel racer that is too much for them to handle at the canter. I started giving her lessons on my well-broke horse. Can novice riders create problems that are hard to fix?

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Training Tips
January 16, 2018

Training Tip: Green + Green = Disaster

If you are a relatively green or inexperienced rider, the last thing you want to do is go and buy a horse that has limited training, regardless of his age, and take him out on the trail. You don’t even want a 4- or 5-year-old, unless he’s an exceptional horse. A rider with no experience […]

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Training Tips
January 9, 2018

Training Tip: Ask Clinton: Kicking Out At Other Horses

Q: I have just started fox hunting on my green mare, and when another horse and rider come up beside her, she kicks out at them. One trainer says ignore it as the mare is green and another says smack her hard. Your opinion, please!

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Training Tips
January 2, 2018

Training Tip: Balance Impulsion with Suppling

All riding maneuvers you do with your horse can be broken into two categories: impulsion exercises and suppling exercises. Impulsion exercises focus on getting the horse to move forward. These are the exercises like the Cruising Lesson, Follow the Fence, Controlled Cruising and Confused Loping that help to get the cobwebs out of the horse’s […]

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Training Tips
December 19, 2017

Training Tip: Ask Clinton: A Proper Warm Up

Q: Does a horse need to be warmed up before he hustles in the roundpen, or should he canter fast immediately? – Christie G. A: Warming up and cooling down a horse before and after exercise is always a smart idea. Horses are no different than human beings – we both need to prepare our […]

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Training Tips
December 12, 2017

Training Tip: People for Horses

Some people and horse personalities just don’t mesh. There are probably people in your workplace that you just don’t get along with. There’s no specific reason why; your personalities just don’t click.

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Training Tips
December 5, 2017

Training Tip: Horses for Courses

Just like people, horses’ attitudes and abilities vary from one individual to the other. Some horses are more naturally talented at a certain task than others. Sometimes the hardest thing for people to realize is that not every horse suits every course. For example, I breed reining and cow horses, but not every horse I […]

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