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Training Tips

Training Tips
June 6, 2023

Training Tip: Catching a Loose Horse

Question: While leading my mare, I had to let go of the lead rope because I got stuck in the mud. At first, she stayed close by me and nibbled on scraps of hay. However, as I approached her, she took off running and bucking and didn’t stop until she found more food. I did […]

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Training Tips
May 30, 2023

Training Tip: Training and Handling Deaf Horses

It always surprises me how many people think deaf horses are useless and untrainable to the point of thinking a deaf horse should be put down, or, at the very least, shouldn’t be ridden. It’s ridiculous. I know plenty of deaf horses that are athletic, have great minds and are great partners. A few years […]

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Training Tips
May 23, 2023

Training Tip: Trailer Loading a Blind Horse

Question: My horse is blind in one eye. We finally got him to go in the trailer, but when we went to tie him up, he freaked out. What do you suggest for me to do so I can get him in the trailer and for him to stay still when he’s in there? We […]

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Training Tips
May 16, 2023

Training Tip: If You Want Your Horse to Lope Well, Practice Loping

Everyone wants to ride a horse that lopes with cadence, follows their focus and listens to their cues. It’s no fun when you ask your horse to pick up the lope and he constantly speeds up and slows down and zigs and zags all over the place. Unfortunately, you can’t expect your horse to lope […]

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Training Tips
May 9, 2023

Training Tip: Horse is Afraid of Clippers Near His Ears

Question: My horse Winchester, a 6-year-old Quarter Horse, is afraid of the clippers by his ears. How do I teach him to accept the clippers and let me clip his ears? – desalenatallman2002 Clinton’s Answer: You’ll use the Approach and Retreat Method to desensitize your horse to first your bare hands moving around his head […]

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Training Tips
May 2, 2023

Training Tip: Hands That Release Quickly Make a Soft Horse

When it comes to horsemanship, you’ve probably heard the saying, “Light hands, light mouth.” The person sharing the adage is under the impression that as long as your hands stay light and gentle on the reins, your horse will be soft and supple in return. My years of experience training a wide variety of horses […]

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Training Tips
April 25, 2023

Training Tip: Horse Rocks the Trailer While Going Down the Road

Question: I have a 5-year-old ex-racehorse that I have been retraining since he was 3. He has been hauled thousands of miles all over the country for trail riding. In the past six months, he has started to throw his body, all of 1,300 pounds, into the wall of the trailer while it’s moving down […]

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No Worries Club Training Tips
April 18, 2023

Training Tip: Safely Feeding a Group of Horses

Walking into a herd of horses with a bucket of grain at feeding time can be dangerous. The horses are likely to crowd into your space to get to the feed and be jockeying for position amongst themselves. Without meaning to, they can quickly injure you. The safest way to feed horses in a group […]

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Training Tips
April 11, 2023

Training Tip: Horse Reacts When Approached Quickly

Question: How do I get my horse to stop backing up if I move up to him too fast? I’ve been doing lots of groundwork with him and this issue seems to go away, but, if I miss a day or two, it is back. I want to use him to show in ranch riding […]

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Training Tips
April 4, 2023

Training Tip: How to Introduce Hobbles to Your Horse

When you break it down, hobbling is nothing more than teaching a horse to stand in place with his front feet tied. How you go about teaching a horse to do that is the difference between a positive experience that will benefit your training program and a negative experience that can turn into a wreck. […]

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