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Training Tips

Training Tips
May 25, 2021

Training Tip: The Perils of Training a Horse With Another Person

Question: My wife and I have an 8-year-old Paint and we are starting him on your Fundamentals. We have problems with his ground manners. I would like to know if we can both work him, and if so, how should we proceed, keeping in mind that we should work with him at least three days […]

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Training Tips
May 18, 2021

Training Tip: Groundwork Ensures a Safe and Hassle-Free Ride

If your horse is fresh, disrespectful or has a bad attitude on the ground, guess what he’ll be like under saddle? Worse! Get all of the kinks out of your horse on the ground so that when you get on you won’t run into problems. Horse problems come from two causes: a lack of respect […]

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Training Tips
May 11, 2021

Training Tip: Horses That Call Out to Other Horses

Oftentimes, busy-minded horses are guilty of sending shrill whinnies up and down the trail, hoping to hear a response from another horse. From nervous whinnies to deep neighs, horses’ voices carry very well, which can attract a lot of unwanted attention. When your horse whinnies, he’s telling you in big bold letters that his attention […]

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Training Tips
May 4, 2021

Training Tip: Use Voice Commands With Caution

I don’t encourage people to use a lot of voice commands, especially in the Fundamentals level of the Downunder Horsemanship Method. It’s far more important to develop an awareness of your body language and learn how to communicate with your horse. As a general rule, people who use a lot of verbal cues with horses […]

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Training Tips
April 27, 2021

Training Tip: Performance Horse Leg Protection

Question: What type of leg protection do you use for your performance horses and why? – Carrie19 Clinton’s Answer: I use Legacy Boots on all of my 2-year-old performance horses as well as on all other training horses. During a performance horse’s 3-year-old year, I start using polo wraps and sometimes a knee boot to […]

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Training Tips
April 20, 2021

Training Tip: Horse is Cinchy When Not Worked Consistently

Question: We have a 5-year-old gelding that has been recently gelded. He has been through the Fundamentals groundwork and he did really well. If you ride him for consecutive days, he does not saddle up cinchy. If you leave him for a couple of days and saddle him, he bucks, he rears and he lies […]

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Training Tips
April 13, 2021

Training Tip: What Your Body Language Says to Your Horse

If you want to be an effective horse trainer, you need to tune in to body language and be aware of both yours and your horse’s. If you want to be a great horseman, you not only need to be aware of body language, but you have to understand and be able to use it […]

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Training Tips
April 6, 2021

Training Tip: How to Slow a Horse Down on a Group Trail Ride

Question: The group I ride with is very competitive in a fun way. When we’re on the trail, every time we ask for the canter, it means woo hoo race! It is fun, and we have done it a lot. Now, when I’m riding my mare with one other horse or with a group of […]

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Training Tips
March 30, 2021

Training Tip: Steady Pressure vs Driving Pressure

There are two types of pressure—steady pressure and driving pressure. Steady pressure is just that, a steady, consistent pressure. Driving pressure has a pulsating beat or rhythm to it—one, two, three, four; one, two, three, four.

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Training Tips
March 23, 2021

Training Tip: Horse Bites When Desensitized

Question: Is it OK to reprimand a horse for trying to bite you when you are desensitizing? I’m working with a colt that is almost 4 months old. When I would touch a certain part of his chest, he would try to bite me—not my hand, me. I would reprimand him and then go straight […]

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