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Training Tips

Training Tips
November 13, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: The value of turnout

  Horses are a herd animal and their bodies are designed to be on the move. I try to keep my horses on turnout as much as I possibly can. It’s the best thing for them because they don’t develop bad habits and they’re just happier in general. The more you put a horse in […]

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Training Tips
November 6, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Practice the C-Pattern exercise every chance you get

  As a horseman, it should be your goal to never waste an opportunity to train your horse. No matter what you’re doing with your horse, leading him to the pasture, taking him to his stall, going to the arena for a lesson, etc. it is the perfect time to train him. All too often, […]

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Training Tips
October 30, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Don’t be too quick to judge pinny ears

  When a horse is working really hard and paying close attention, often he’ll tip his ears back to the rider showing that he is concentrating. Cutting horses are a good example because they’ll often pin their ears back on their head as they’re cutting cattle. They stop and turn and will often lower their […]

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Training Tips
October 23, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Gaining experience when time is limited

  People ask me all the time, “Clinton, what if I have a 9 to 5 job and don’t have time to work with my horse every day? Can I still get better and gain more experience?” The answer is yes! It doesn’t matter what job you have – you can still get real, hands-on […]

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Training Tips
October 16, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: When riding a colt for the first time, act like you’ve been drinking.

  The more relaxed you are, the quieter the colt will get. To plant an image in people’s minds of how they should act on the colt’s back, I tell them to act like they’ve been drinking. When you get up on your colt for the first time, you should be loose and relaxed. I […]

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Training Tips
October 9, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Is your haltering technique making your horse head shy?

  When you go to put the halter on the horse, stand on his left side and reach your right arm over his neck to grasp the halter’s crownpiece. Hold the side of the halter with your left hand, and then tip the horse’s head and neck slightly in your direction so that you can […]

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Training Tips
October 2, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Teach your horse to be responsible for himself when you’re handling his legs.

  The best way to teach a horse to support himself and not lean on you when you’re picking out his hooves is to not slowly place his foot on the ground when you’re done with it. Instead, when you release the foot, just let it drop out of your hand. That stops the horse […]

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Training Tips
September 25, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Trail riding tip: Stop your horse from following too closely behind other horses.

  Because horses are prey animals, it’s natural for them to want to stay close together when on the trail. Horses believe in the concept of safety in numbers and your horse feels that the closer he is to the horse in front of him, the safer he is. With that being said, a horse […]

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Training Tips
September 18, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Hard-to-catch horse tip: Halter the easiest to catch horse first.

  If you keep your horse in a herd situation you’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to halter a horse and having the entire herd run away from you with their tails lifted in the air. Be smart about which horse you try to catch first. Don’t go after Mr. Elusive straightaway and then […]

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Training Tips
September 11, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Mouthy horse tip: Make the horse correct himself.

  A great way to get a mouthy horse to stop his unwanted behavior is to make him think he’s punishing himself. For example, a lot of young horses like weanlings or yearlings get mouthy. They’ll come up to you and start nibbling on the sleeve of your shirt or your jeans. If your horse […]

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