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Training Tips

Training Tips
July 24, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Don’t let your foal get pushy.

  Letting foals get pushy and dominant is the biggest mistake I see people make with young horses. Someone will raise a foal in their backyard and treat him like a big dog. That’s all well and good when the foal is little. When he rears up, nibbles your clothes, kicks out or squeals and […]

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Training Tips
July 17, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Rearing horse tip: Handle the situation safely in the saddle.

  If your horse is rearing because he’s hot and nervous, make sure you’re not adding to the situation by pulling back on both reins to try to stop him from moving. Remember, the more you pull back on the reins and say, “Don’t go!” the more upset and nervous the horse will get. When […]

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Training Tips
July 10, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Understand the “why” behind cinchiness

  A “cinchy” or “cold-backed” horse has a tendency to overreact and possibly buck when pressure is applied around his belly or flank area. It’s normal for a horse to feel reactive whenever this area is squeezed tightly. Horses hate tight, narrow spaces or feeling claustrophobic, so when you wrap a girth around a horse’s […]

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Training Tips
July 3, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: How to build your horse’s confidence to a scary object

  Whenever a horse is scared of something, the last thing you want to do is act like a predator and go toward him with it. Instead, build his confidence by retreating away from him with the object. The opposite of fear is confidence. Horses are always more confident when they’re following or chasing something, […]

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Training Tips
June 26, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: The best place to desensitize your horse to water.

  Whenever you desensitize a horse to an object, it’s important to do so in a big, open area where he has room to move his feet. As a prey animal, the horse has a flight or fight response, which means he either runs from danger or fights it. A horse would always rather run […]

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Training Tips
June 19, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Correct a horse that stumbles

  It’s normal for a horse to trip or stumble every once in awhile. Just like us, sometimes they take a misstep, especially if the ground is rough or uneven. But if stumbling in the arena or on the trail is becoming a regular occurrence, your horse is in need of help. First, rule out […]

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Training Tips
June 12, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Lunging for Respect – troubleshooting a hot, nervous horse and a lazy horse

  Hot, nervous horse? Do more changes of direction. Changes of direction slow a horse’s feet down and get him to use the thinking side of his brain.

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Training Tips
June 5, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Teaching a horse to tie well takes consistency.

  The reason why a lot of horses pull back and constantly paw and stomp their feet when you tie them up is because they never get tied up. They never learn to develop patience. It’s much like taking young children to a restaurant. If you never take them to restaurants, you can’t expect them […]

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Training Tips
May 29, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Sidepass for overall body control

  Make the most of your horse’s natural athletic ability by teaching him to sidepass. Moving your horse sideways off of your leg helps to free up his ribcage, shoulders and hindquarters. It teaches him to move his feet in a rhythmic, even way, without using his hindquarters for forward impulsion, and it helps him […]

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Training Tips
May 22, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Timing is critical when getting your horse to go over an obstacle

  When you apply pressure is critical when asking a horse to go over an object. Never pressure the horse when he is investigating the obstacle or thinking about going over it. Instead, pressure him away from the object.

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