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by Downunder Horsemanship

Training Tip: Build Your Horse’s Foundation at Home

When you change environments with your horse, meaning you take him to a new arena, haul him to a horse show or take him to a trail—anywhere you don’t normally ride him—you change horses. While your horse may be calm, quiet and obedient in your normal riding environment, when you take him away from home, expect him to be reactive, spooky and worried. Of course, changes in location affect some horses more than others. Often, hotter, more sensitive and feely horses will react more, while colder, lazier and docile horses will care less.

The biggest problem people have when taking their horses away from home is not having control of their horse at home. They spend no time teaching the horse how to use the thinking side of his brain and earning his respect and trust. Then, when they take him away from home, they wonder why he jigs, rears, bolts and otherwise misbehaves. Why wouldn’t he? He has no foundation.

Before taking your horse away from home, it’s best if he knows the entire Fundamentals Series and can do each of the groundwork and riding exercises to at least a B level. That ensures that he respects you as his leader, he knows how to use the thinking side of his brain, and you have control of his feet. If your horse knows the Fundamentals well, you’ll likely encounter very few problems with him away from home. Do your homework before taking your horse to a new riding location.