A Useful Tool When Working with a Hard to Catch Horse

Clinton Anderson from Downunder Horsemanship has developed a way to train horses, regardless of their past problems or traumas. The key for seeing success is starting with the owners. Training a horse’s owner allows them to gain their horse’s respect and better understand how to properly control and maneuver them in any situation. Join Clinton on his weekly endeavors of tackling some of the most challenging situations with problem horses, and problem owners. This week, we watch as Clinton shows us how to incorporate a useful tool when working with a hard-to-catch horse.

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One thing that Clinton enjoys doing in addition to his regular training videos is answering questions from his fans. This week’s question comes from Julie in New Mexico. Julie wants to know where she would use the catch rope and how to use it in her training regimen. Clinton starts off by introducing us to the product in question—a catch rope. He describes it as a handy product to have around, especially in a pasture situation where you might have a lot of old broodmares, horses that are difficult to catch, young horses, et cetera.

The issue is a lot of horses tend to get smarter over the years. When you walk out with a halter and a lead rope, they understand what’s coming and many of them immediately start to run away. With training, you’re obviously trying to avoid that exact situation, but there are certain instances when we might get a recipient mare or you purchase a broodmare from another breeder that has some bad problems. Luckily, there’s a method that acts as a quick little fix.

Fixing the issue of a hard-to-catch horse involves using the catch rope. It’s a little easier to maneuver than a lead rope and gives you a quick fix when you’re trying to catch your horse. Leave a little piece of the string out and then coil the catch rope up neatly into your hand. You can either keep it there or put it in your pocket while approaching your horse. When you get up to the horse, put your arm over his neck and then you can feed the end of your rope through the loop and pull it through. This gives you something around your horse’s neck to use for control. You can also turn it into a halter by taking it through the neck piece, through the loop, and then up over his nose.

While this isn’t something you’ll use on an ongoing basis for training, it can be a handy piece of equipment to have around the barn—especially when you need something quick and easy. It’s a pretty simple idea that puts you back into control.

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