Instructional Horse Training Videos by Clinton Anderson Horse training videos with tips from Clinton Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship

horsemanship training frightened dominant horse

Clinton helps a frightened owner gain respect and control of her dangerous horse. Watch Now

Gaining Control and Respect of Your Horse on the Ground

Learn the fundamentals of how to gain control and respect of a horse. Watch Now

Teach a horse to stand still while being mounted.

Clinton Anderson shows how to teach a horse to stand still while being mounted. Watch Now

clinton anderson downunder horsemanship aggressive horse gain respect

Clinton shows a horsewoman how to gain the respect and trust of her aggressive horse. Watch Now

How to Wash and Care for Your Horse's Tail

In this video, learn how to properly wash and care for your horse’s tail. Watch Now

Training Rescue Horse

Working with Cider, Clinton chronicles the training of a rescue horse. Watch Now

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