Video Library Horse training videos with tips from Clinton Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship

  • Clinton Anderson Presents: Breaking the Silence

    Horse trainer Clinton Anderson shows a young owner how body language can be used to communicate with her deaf horse.

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  • Clinton Anderson Presents: Foal Training

    In this training session, you'll learn all about his approach to training foals, weanlings and yearlings and how the right start ensures a fun, enjoyable partnership between you and your horse.

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  • Clinton Anderson Presents: Second Chance For Sailor

    Clinton Anderson transforms a rescue horse with bucking problems into a calm, willing partner.

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  • Clinton Anderson Presents: Hot Blooded Havi

    Clinton Anderson shows a frustrated horseman how to catch and control a dangerous horse so that his family is not fearful.

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  • Clinton Anderson Presents: Soxie Under Saddle

    Clinton Anderson helps a couple fix their horse's bucking problem.

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  • Clinton Anderson Presents: Kicking A Bad Habit

    Clinton Anderson explains how to fix a horse that kicks.

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  • Clinton Anderson Presents: Blue In Your Face

    Clinton works with Joe and his horse Blue to get his extreme aggression under control.

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  • Clinton Anderson Presents: The Bucking Stops Here

    Clinton Anderson works with Lisa and her horse Dusty to stop him from bucking.

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  • Clinton Anderson: Training a Rescue Horse, Part 1 – Downunder Horsemanship

    Working with Cider, Clinton chronicles the training of a rescue horse.

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  • How To Teach a Horse to Stand Still While Being Mounted: Star Treatment

    Clinton Anderson shows how to teach a horse to stand still while being mounted.

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  • Clinton Anderson: How to Wash and Care for Your Horse’s Tail

    In this video, learn how to properly wash and care for your horse’s tail.

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  • Gaining Control and respect on the ground

    Learn the fundamentals of how to gain control and respect of a horse.

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  • Running Scared

    Clinton shows a horsewoman how to gain the respect and trust of her aggressive horse.

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  • Once Bitten Twice Shy

    Clinton helps a frightened owner gain respect and control of her dangerous horse.

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