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No Worries Club

No Worries Club
June 6, 2023

Training Buffalo for Fence Work

When Clinton decided to add buffalo to his reined cow horse training program, fellow Aussies Duncan Steele-Park and Glen Aspinall came to the ranch to help him learn how to safely work with the animals. Clinton shares the training process with No Worries Club members in the series, “Training Buffalo.” The June digital download for […]

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Academy No Worries Club
May 9, 2023

Horsemen Enter Their Final Week of Study at the Ranch

The horsemen enrolled in the spring session of the Clinician Academy are in their last week of study at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch. Over the past several weeks, they’ve been hard at work learning to refine their understanding and application of the Fundamentals level of the Method. Professional Clinician Kristin Hamacher teaches the class, working […]

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No Worries Club
May 2, 2023

Colt Starting Clinic Diary Series: Day Six

In the May No Worries Club video, we take members back to Professional Clinician Jeff Davis’s Colt Starting Clinic. It’s day six of the course and participants are ready to take on the second half of the clinic and make more progress with their horses. The focus is on teaching the colts more groundwork exercises […]

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No Worries Club Training Tips
April 18, 2023

Training Tip: Safely Feeding a Group of Horses

Walking into a herd of horses with a bucket of grain at feeding time can be dangerous. The horses are likely to crowd into your space to get to the feed and be jockeying for position amongst themselves. Without meaning to, they can quickly injure you. The safest way to feed horses in a group […]

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No Worries Club
April 4, 2023

Get Motivated With the Spring No Worries Journal

The spring issue of the No Worries Journal will get you motivated to dust off your boots and get back in the saddle. Fellow members will inspire you with their success stories and you’ll go behind the scenes at a show with Clinton. As always, you’ll sharpen your horsemanship with a variety of training articles. […]

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No Worries Club Shop Downunder Horsemanship
March 14, 2023

We Want Your Input

From time to time, we introduce new colors to our line of halters and lead ropes for limited runs. Our latest color is a beautiful hunter green that compliments any horse and has been popular with our customers. As our warehouse team is stocking up on supplies, we want your input on a future color. […]

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No Worries Club
March 7, 2023

Buddy-Sour Horses are the Focus of the March NWC Video

When you ride your horse on the trail, he should be focused on the job at hand, not worried about where his buddies are or getting back home. When your horse gets anxious about being separated from the group or being split up from a particular horse, he’s using the reactive side of his brain. […]

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No Worries Club Shop Downunder Horsemanship
February 21, 2023

Hunter Green Halter and Lead Rope Sets Going Fast

Judging by how quickly our limited-edition hunter green halter and lead rope sets are flying out of our warehouse, you’re loving them just as much as we do! Members have been sharing photos of their horses modeling the rich green color.                     For the past few […]

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No Worries Club
February 7, 2023

Clinton is Back on the Trail With No Worries Club Members

In the February No Worries Club video, Clinton is riding in the Arizona desert with a group of No Worries Club members. Day two of the training session starts with the group on trail. They review what they worked on during their first training on the trail ride and then focus on getting more control […]

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Downunder Horsemanship - General No Worries Club Shop Downunder Horsemanship
January 31, 2023

All-New Hunter Green Halter and Lead Rope Set

For the first time ever, our must-have halters and lead ropes are available in a gorgeous hunter green! The rich color pops on horses with lighter coats, such as palominos, greys and buckskins, and compliments the darker hues of bay, black and sorrel. Clinton loves the new color on his roan cow horses! The limited-edition […]

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