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Training Tips

Training Tips
July 20, 2021

Training Tip: Q&A With Clinton: Ground Tying

Question: I solved my gelding’s old habit of occasionally pulling back by using the Aussie Tie Ring, completing the Fundamentals, starting on the Intermediate, as well as hobble training him. Now I’m interested in advancing his ground-tying skills. I’ve started slowly adding it to our routine as best I can. Where can I find info […]

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Training Tips
July 13, 2021

Training Tip: Time Does Matter When Training a Horse

In a perfect world, time shouldn’t matter when training a horse. However, in the real world, time does matter. I tell the Academy students all the time, if you’re not aware of your time, typically you’re not focused on getting results. You’d think the more time you gave yourself to train a horse the better […]

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Downunder Horsemanship - General Training Tips
July 13, 2021

An Exercise to Prep Your Horse for Group Riding on the Trail

While you are training your horse to be a confident trail partner, it is best to ride him outside the arena by yourself rather than attempting to train him while being on a ride with six other horses and riders. “That way it is just the two of you concentrating on the training sessions. There […]

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Training Tips
July 6, 2021

Training Tip: Creating Draw With a Horse

Question: Heinz is an older horse, and I used to have to chase him to catch him. I’ve worked with him to teach him that when he sees me, he needs to turn in toward me, instead of me chasing him. I started with roundpen work so he will give me two eyes and respect […]

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Training Tips
June 29, 2021

Training Tip: Don’t Ruin Excellence in the Pursuit of Perfection

You have to learn how to read when a horse can’t make more improvement, meaning you’ve maxed out his ability. If you keep pushing a horse that’s reached his ability level, he’ll get frustrated and often will regress. There’s a fine line between knowing when a horse is chumping you and not putting in effort […]

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Training Tips
June 22, 2021

Training Tip: The Importance of School ‘Em and Fool ‘Em Shows

Question: I have been working my horse Dash, an 8-year-old POA, on the Fundamentals level of the Method for a couple months now. I’m a member of my high school equestrian team and during practice my horse does great (we drag logs and rope stuff and he’s never spooky), but when I get into the […]

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Training Tips
June 15, 2021

Training Tip: Be a Detective Around Your Horse

Being a true horseman is a lot like being a detective. You’re constantly evaluating your horse and checking him over—is there any defensiveness, stiffness, “oh no, don’t touch me there” spots, etc.? Let your horse tell you where he has holes in his training and what he needs help with. You can have a training […]

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Training Tips
June 8, 2021

Training Tip: Q&A With Clinton: Teaching a Foal to Lead Properly

Question: I am training my 9-month-old filly to lead. She backs up and falls over repeatedly until she won’t get up. How do I break this behavior? – Johnboy4033 Clinton’s Answer: Since you don’t provide much detail about how you’re teaching your foal to lead, I’m going to assume that you’re putting a halter and […]

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Training Tips
June 1, 2021

Training Tip: Why is Your Horse Afraid of the Trailer?

When I was a kid, getting my horse on the trailer always turned into a huge tug-of-war. I’d ask her to step onto the trailer, and she’d fight the halter, rear and back up. My entire family would get involved; we’d run a rope behind her butt and try to push her on the trailer. […]

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Training Tips
May 25, 2021

Training Tip: The Perils of Training a Horse With Another Person

Question: My wife and I have an 8-year-old Paint and we are starting him on your Fundamentals. We have problems with his ground manners. I would like to know if we can both work him, and if so, how should we proceed, keeping in mind that we should work with him at least three days […]

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