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Training Tips

Training Tips
September 4, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Be realistic of an older horse’s capabilities

  It’s never too late to train a horse to be a respectful, responsive and safe partner. However, before you begin working with an older horse, keep in mind that you have to be realistic of his capabilities. What I mean by that is there’s no doubt you can earn his respect and establish yourself […]

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Training Tips
August 28, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Stopping a horse from kicking in the trailer.

  Remember that horses are prey animals and when made to go in tight, narrow spaces – like a trailer – it’s natural for them to feel trapped and claustrophobic. When a horse feels trapped and claustrophobic, and his ability to run and move his feet is taken away from him, his only other option […]

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Training Tips
August 21, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Stopping a Grass-Snatcher

  A horse can only think about one thing at a time. He’s either got his attention on you or on his next snack. If you’re walking down the trail and your horse grabs a mouthful of grass, he’s obviously not thinking about you.

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Training Tips
August 14, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Hard-to-catch horse tip: The smaller the pasture, the better.

  The worst thing you can do with a hard-to-catch horse is let him get into the habit of knowing he can outrun you. If you keep your horse in a 50-acre pasture, he can do a lot of running before he’ll want to stand still and be caught. Your horse has probably had you […]

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Training Tips
August 7, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Mouthy horse tip: Return the favor.

  There are some horses that like to put things in their mouth – the halter, lead rope, Handy Stick, etc. Most people’s first reaction when the horse grabs a hold of the lead rope or halter is to try and tug the object out of his mouth. However, the more you try to pull […]

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Training Tips
July 31, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Sweeten up your arena sour horse

  When you’re working with an arena-sour horse, don’t think, “How can I make the horse get in the arena?” Think, “How can I make it uncomfortable for him not to go in the arena?” You’ll do that by working the horse hard where he wants to be (outside the arena) and letting him rest […]

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Training Tips
July 24, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Don’t let your foal get pushy.

  Letting foals get pushy and dominant is the biggest mistake I see people make with young horses. Someone will raise a foal in their backyard and treat him like a big dog. That’s all well and good when the foal is little. When he rears up, nibbles your clothes, kicks out or squeals and […]

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Training Tips
July 17, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Rearing horse tip: Handle the situation safely in the saddle.

  If your horse is rearing because he’s hot and nervous, make sure you’re not adding to the situation by pulling back on both reins to try to stop him from moving. Remember, the more you pull back on the reins and say, “Don’t go!” the more upset and nervous the horse will get. When […]

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Training Tips
July 10, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: Understand the “why” behind cinchiness

  A “cinchy” or “cold-backed” horse has a tendency to overreact and possibly buck when pressure is applied around his belly or flank area. It’s normal for a horse to feel reactive whenever this area is squeezed tightly. Horses hate tight, narrow spaces or feeling claustrophobic, so when you wrap a girth around a horse’s […]

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Training Tips
July 3, 2012

Training Tip of the Week: How to build your horse’s confidence to a scary object

  Whenever a horse is scared of something, the last thing you want to do is act like a predator and go toward him with it. Instead, build his confidence by retreating away from him with the object. The opposite of fear is confidence. Horses are always more confident when they’re following or chasing something, […]

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