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Charity at Each Tour Stop

Raise funds and exposure for your non-profit equine organization at a Walkabout Tour by signing up to run the Ritchie Charity Ball Toss – a charity event held at each tour stop. Clinton and tour feature sponsor, Ritchie Industries, team up to select a local organization with equine connections to run the Ritchie Charity Ball Toss – one of Clinton’s ways to give back to the communities he visits and a fan favorite at Walkabout Tours.

“The ball toss is something I love partnering with Ritchie to bring to the crowd. It’s a great way to help local organizations raise funds they need to continue to make a difference in their communities.”

Clinton Anderson

How It Works

Spectators purchase tennis balls from your non-profit organization for $5 throughout the weekend and on Sunday afternoon toss them into the arena trying to be the closest to a pre-determined marker. Those closest to the marker receive Clinton’s instructional DVDs and Downunder Horsemanship training tools. All money raised goes straight to your organization!

We provide numbered tennis balls, a table for your organization to use throughout the event and announcements to the crowd. You’re responsible for selling the tennis balls for $5 each and recording buyers’ names and ball numbers in a provided binder. You’re encouraged to work the crowd and sell as many tennis balls as you can. Clinton’s fans are a generous bunch and love to support equine organizations!

During the afternoon break on Sunday, a stake will be driven into the middle of the arena to signal the start of the Ritchie Charity Ball Toss. Clinton will tell the crowd to throw their tennis balls into the arena trying to get as close to the stake as they can. After the rain of tennis balls subsides, the tour manager and our announcer will be in the arena to assist Clinton in determining the winners and handing out corresponding prizes.

Charity Ball Toss Prizes

Prizes are given to the owners of the three balls closest to the stake:


The Method Progression Package: Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced

Retail value $1,797.00


A Mecate Bridle Set: headstall, slobber straps, reins, curb strap and snaffle bit

Retail value: up to $350.00


Halter and Lead Rope set

Retail value: $90.00

The Ritchie Charity Ball Toss has been a wonderful experience for our agency! The generosity of Leon Yantis, the warmth and support of the Clinton Anderson crew - both staff and club members, the fun and excitement of the actual ball toss...it was all so remarkable. The $15,000 raised will make an enormous difference at CTRC. It will go a long way toward ensuring that our courageous, special needs riders keep 'walking on.

Carol Heiden
Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center executive director

We were thrilled with the outcome of the fundraiser and were so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with the Downunder Horsemanship team and Ritchie. Thanks to this fantastic event we will now be able to focus more on our mission of rescuing horses and educating horse owners.

Abby White
Changing Leads Equine Rescue board member

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